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Advancements in AI: AppleGPT Work Continues

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has linked the company’s escalated research and development expenditures, surpassing last year’s figures, to their progress in artificial intelligence. This reflects the company’s continuous engagement with a project referred to as AppleGPT.

Cook explained that a segment of their $22.6 billion research budget is devoted to generative AI.


Advancements in AI: AppleGPT Work Continues

In the third quarter, the company’s research and development expenses reached $22.61 billion, marking an increase of $3.12 billion compared to the same period the previous year.

Cook stated that a portion of this budget is dedicated to Apple’s ventures into generative AI. “For years, we have been exploring a wide spectrum of AI technologies, including generative AI. Clearly, we are making substantial investments, as our R&D expenditures indicate,” Cook told Reuters.

While many companies are eager to unveil new products in this field, Apple has maintained a more cautious stance regarding their advancements. The company did not make any declarations about generative AI during its two-hour WWDC keynote in June.


Advancements in AI: AppleGPT Work Continues

“Technology plays a critical role for us,” Cook expressed. He also recognized artificial intelligence and machine learning as “a fundamental part of almost every product we make.” The CEO confirmed that for years, Apple has been delving into various artificial intelligence technologies, including generative AI, and plans to continue this exploration moving forward.

It’s reported that Apple, aiming to remain at the forefront of technological innovation, has accelerated the development of products related to artificial intelligence.

According to Bloomberg, the company is crafting new artificial intelligence tools, among them a significant language model that some employees are dubbing AppleGPT, echoing the name of OpenAI’s large language model.

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