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Alien Worlds (TLM) Market Value, News

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Alien Worlds (TLM) is one of the compelling entrants in the digital metaverse, blurring the lines between gaming, blockchain, and virtual reality. This comprehensive review takes a deep dive into Alien Worlds, focusing on its market value, technology, history, purpose, founders, strengths, drawbacks, and overall standing in the crypto marketplace.

What is Alien Worlds (TLM)?

Alien Worlds is an NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) DeFi metaverse that operates on the Ethereum, WAX, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. It’s a unique gaming ecosystem where players can mine Trilium (TLM), the native utility token, engage in battles, and complete quests. The game offers a multi-chain DeFi economy, where Trilium is used to incentivize explorers and contribute to planetary governance.

Founders and History

Alien Worlds was founded by a team of blockchain veterans including Michael Yeates, Saro McKenna, and Rob Plommer, all of whom had previous experience with the EOS and WAX blockchains. They had a shared vision of creating a metaverse where individuals could interact in a virtual environment, engaging in economic and governance activities. The team launched the project in December 2020.

Purpose and Vision

The fundamental objective of Alien Worlds is to stimulate economic competition and collaboration among players through a decentralized platform. This metaverse allows users to own land, mine TLM tokens, and engage in governance through staking. The vision is to encourage players to explore different economic theories and models in an open and competitive environment.

Technology and Supply

The technological structure of Alien Worlds is designed to accommodate high-frequency transactions such as gaming. To achieve this, the team utilized three blockchains: Ethereum for token liquidity, WAX for transactions and gameplay, and Binance Smart Chain for an additional liquidity pool.

As for the supply, Alien Worlds (TLM) has a maximum supply of 10 billion TLM tokens. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, it is recommended to check a reputable cryptocurrency market data source for real-time and accurate data on total supply and market cap.

Strengths and Limitations

Alien Worlds’ unique amalgamation of gaming, DeFi, and NFTs is a notable strength, attracting a wide range of users. The model of earning through gameplay has created an attractive proposition for players. Furthermore, the concept of virtual land ownership and participation in governance gives users a tangible stake in the ecosystem.

However, Alien Worlds is not without its challenges. Blockchain-based games are still a nascent industry with uncertain regulatory dynamics. Also, the platform’s reliance on multiple blockchains may present technological complexities and potential security risks.

Market Value

The market value of TLM is subject to fluctuations in the broader crypto market, as well as specific developments within the Alien Worlds ecosystem. As of September 2021, it is advised to consult a reputable cryptocurrency exchange or market data platform for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Alien Worlds represents a creative convergence of gaming, blockchain technology, and the metaverse concept. Its focus on enabling economic theories and models to play out in a gaming context is genuinely unique, and the blend of DeFi and NFTs adds another layer of intrigue.

Yet, as with any emerging technology, Alien Worlds faces significant challenges. As the blockchain gaming industry continues to evolve and mature, it will be fascinating to see how Alien Worlds navigates these challenges and potentially solidifies its position as a leading player in the space. Despite uncertainties, its innovative approach makes it a project worth watching in the crypto world. As always, potential investors should conduct their thorough research before making any investment decisions.

How To Buy Alien Worlds (TLM)

Are you ready to jump into the world of cryptocurrency and want to know where to buy Alien Worlds (TLM) ?The largest exchanges currently traded with  Alien Worlds (TLM) are Binance , Kucoin and . You can find other exchanges that make listings .

About Alien Worlds (TLM)

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