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Zuckerberg hasn’t lost faith in Metaverse yet

Meta now offers new missions and rewards to all users in Horizon Worlds, their virtual reality live interactive platform, accessible to anyone with a Meta Quest VR headset.

They initially tested missions with a game called Giant Paddle Mini Golf in spring, later adding two more games: Arena Clash and Bad Roommates. The rewards include things like novel outfit choices for avatars.

Most of the missions and rewards appear to be designed by Meta to enhance user engagement with their avatars, an area where the business has seen substantial losses. Despite these losses, Zuckerberg remains optimistic about the Metaverse.


Main missions include activities such as trying on an outfit avatar reward or changing avatar expressions via the backpack feature. While these may not compare to epic quests like Frodo’s journey to Mordor, some of them might intrigue users. The Worlds Menu lists the available quests and the rewards each one offers. Meta plans to add more quests over time.

The latest update to Meta Horizon Worlds also introduces a new quick actions menu, which allows users to pause their game and mute, follow, or block anyone they encounter. Alongside squashing some existing bugs, Meta has implemented a new feature for reporting bugs – by clicking the home button four times consecutively, or by pressing and holding AB/XY.

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