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Your Social Media Accounts Can Be Stolen When Trying to Use Artificial Intelligence

Google has initiated a legal action against individuals exploiting the name of its generative AI, Bard, to lure users into downloading malicious software and soliciting payments.

This move reflects Google’s commitment to its AI technology, Bard, and its efforts to combat fraudulent activities associated with its name.

The lawsuit, which was initially filed against three individuals believed to reside in Vietnam, focuses on their distribution of a file purported to be the latest version of Bard.

However, this file deceives victims by including malware, which compromises their personal information, including social media login credentials. This legal battle underscores Google’s proactive stance against the misuse of its AI technology’s name in malicious activities.

Scammers are using social media platforms.

Your Social Media Accounts Can Be Stolen When Trying to Use Artificial Intelligence

In the legal documents filed by Google, several allegations have been made against unidentified individuals regarding their illicit activities. These individuals have reportedly been distributing a file falsely claimed to be the latest version of Google Bard, while also illicitly using Google’s logo, brand, and products in their scheme.

A notable aspect of their strategy is the use of Facebook advertisements to disseminate malware. These tactics are reminiscent of those employed in cryptocurrency scams, often targeting individuals who are less informed about new technologies. The scammers misleadingly advertise Bard, which is actually a free web-based tool, as a paid application available for download.

Google’s blog post reveals that the company has had to issue as many as 300 retraction requests to counter these scammers. In addition to this, Google is actively working to prevent the establishment of new domains that could be used for malicious purposes. The company believes that the lawsuits will serve as a strong legal deterrent, establishing a protective legal framework and ensuring that those engaged in such deceptive practices face appropriate consequences.


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