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What is Metaverse and what are its harms?

The impact of technology on people’s lives is increasing day by day. Technological developments that make our daily work easier have a great impact on our lives. Especially the developments in the field of computers have good or bad effects on our lives. The negative effect of Metaverse, which has been on the agenda of many people recently, has been a matter of curiosity. So, what are the negative effects of Metaverse on human health?

The concept of metaverse first appeared in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash. With the development of technology, a world where real and virtual are combined in a science fiction vision has been developed. Many things can be done in this virtual world where people travel with virtual reality glasses and avatars. Metaverse, which seems like a fun world, attracts many people, but many people wonder about the effect on human health. Here is the detail of the curious news…

What is Metaverse and what are its harms
What is Metaverse and what are its harms?

What is the metaverse?

Metaverse is a lifelike virtual world, a shared sandbox where people are represented by digital avatars. The virtual world constantly grows and evolves depending on the decisions and actions of the society in it. This is how the system we call the internet today was formed. Some video game communities have already developed the seeds of meta-universes, such as Minecraft, Roblox (a platform containing countless games developed by children and teenagers), or Fortnite. In fact, it is possible to talk about a Metaverse piecemeal. It is said that all that remains is to bring them together. It is expected that it will be possible to perform many daily activities such as working, traveling, playing games, going to concerts, shopping with cryptocurrencies with 3D avatars created in this digital world.

What are the metaverse damages?

A study was conducted on Metaverse in the USA. 1,050 people of various ages and genders gathered from Reddit are asked a few questions to gather information about public perception of the Metaverse. According to this research, 77% of respondents think Metaverse will harm users. Among the main concerns of users are that these damages may be addiction to the virtual world, privacy and privacy problems, and mental health disorders. The harms of Metaverse to human health are as follows;

1-To deceive the human brain with the pleasures of the virtual world that does not actually exist.

2-Living a sedentary and lazy lifestyle. The result is loss of health due to malnutrition.

3- Preferring the things experienced in the virtual world to the real world. Beginning to prefer the unreal in human relationships, feelings and pleasures.

4- Big companies will constantly direct people to shop with their advertisements in the virtual world. For this reason, many people will suffer both economically and psychologically.

5- Spending time in digital environments will create a kind of addiction in individuals.

6-Metaverse will lead many people to create fake identities by impersonating different identities. For this reason, people’s trust in each other will decrease more.

7- Metaverse will weaken the motor and cognitive skills of individuals such as problem solving, development, establishing cause-effect relationships and strategy formation-development. .

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