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Second Life one of the pioneers of Metaverse comes to mobile

Second Life, one of the pioneers of the MetaVerse idea that Facebook is trying to make a reality, comes to mobile 20 years after its release.

MetaVerse concept, which is based on the idea of ​​a virtual world as an alternative to real life, gained popularity with Meta’s recent breakthrough. However, this virtual universe concept was created long before Meta became interested in this field. In fact, platforms that we can call the precursor of the dream, which is associated with the name MetaVerse today, were also established to make this concept a reality. Perhaps the most striking of these was Second Life.

Second Life one of the pioneers of Metaverse comes to mobile
Second Life one of the pioneers of Metaverse comes to mobile

Second Life, which we can translate into Turkish as Second Life, aimed to offer people a second life in the digital world. Second Life’s user base may never have reached such incredible numbers, but the platform has attracted enough attention to survive until today. Second Life, one of the main platforms that has kept the virtual universe idea alive for more than 20 years, is preparing to make an important breakthrough in this period when the idea of ​​MetaVerse is more popular than ever.

Linden Labs, the company behind the Second Life project, has announced that this platform is coming to mobile devices very soon . Second Life’s mobile application is expected to be available to users very soon. Although a clear date has not been given yet, it is thought that the beta version of the application will be released before the end of the year.

The Linden Labs team released a promotional video on their YouTube channel, showing what Second Life’s mobile app would look like. Developed using the Unity engine, this mobile application will come to iOS and Android and can be used on both smartphones and tablets. It is predicted that the arrival of Second Life on mobile will further increase the interest in this virtual universe.

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