Discover the Top 8 NFT Sales Sites for Paid and Free NFTs!

Lately, the concept of NFT (non-fungible token) has become increasingly prominent, with millions of dollars being associated with it.

NFTs are digital assets that represent ownership of a unique item, such as an artist’s artwork, a tweet from a Twitter influencer, or a designer’s creations. Owning an NFT means having the original and exclusive rights to that digital work. Furthermore, individuals can monetize their own creations by selling them on top NFT sales platforms.

Given the growing influence of NFTs, I embarked on a quest to explore the various NFT sales sites. Selling NFTs involves either creating a unique digital asset yourself or selling an original item from your collection.

Remarkably, even a snippet from a noteworthy video can gain popularity on NFT sales platforms. Here are some of the best NFT sales sites you can leverage:


Binance, a leading and highly trusted cryptocurrency exchange, stands out as one of the premier platforms for NFT sales. Offering a dual functionality, Binance allows users not only to purchase NFTs but also to create and sell their own digital assets. The platform adds an element of excitement with the opportunity to acquire NFTs through surprise boxes.

Uploading an NFT to Binance is a straightforward process, akin to posting an image on the internet. Once uploaded, users can set a fixed price for their NFT or opt for an auction format to determine the selling price. Binance provides a versatile marketplace for users to showcase and monetize their digital creations.

It’s worth noting that engaging in NFT transactions on Binance involves fees. For each NFT acquired through digging, there is a fee of 0.005 BNB. Similarly, there is a cost associated with uploading NFTs to the platform. Despite these fees, Binance remains a top choice for individuals looking to explore, trade, and sell NFTs in the burgeoning digital marketplace.


Undoubtedly, Opensea stands out as the premier NFT sales site, and it holds the distinction of being the largest NFT market in terms of both users and sales volume. It can be considered the pioneer in the NFT space, being the first platform of its kind. Opensea offers a diverse marketplace, supporting NFT sales across numerous categories, including domain names, images, sound files, and more.

Sellers on Opensea are provided with the flexibility of up to 30 listings, and the platform’s functionality is influenced by Ethereum blocks and gas limits, which are crucial factors in the listing process. For the initial upload of a design on Opensea, there is a fee ranging from $60 to $200. Subsequent uploads, however, only incur a commission fee. In the event of a successful sale, Opensea collects a 3% fee from the transaction amount.

Notably, Opensea goes beyond just facilitating sales; it also offers a free NFT creation service. While the creation of NFTs is free, a fee is required only when selling these digital assets on the platform. With its extensive features and user-friendly interface, Opensea remains a dominant force in the world of NFTs, providing a robust marketplace for creators and collectors alike.

3.Super Rare

Super Rare stands out as one of the premier selling sites operating on the Ethereum blockchain, particularly catering to art enthusiasts and artists. It is a platform that truly embraces the world of art. Artists can showcase and sell their creations through auctions or by setting fixed prices for their works on Super Rare. Notably, once a piece of art is purchased, it can be resold, enabling the original artist to earn a profit from subsequent sales.

To utilize the Super Rare site, users must connect with their MetaMask wallet. Without this connection, it is not possible to navigate the platform or engage in buying and selling activities. This emphasis on wallet connectivity adds a layer of security and authenticity to the transactions on the platform.

Super Rare operates on an invitation-only basis for artists, contributing to an exclusive environment. This exclusivity can result in higher valuations for artifacts and digital assets sold on the platform, further enhancing the appeal for both artists and collectors within the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.


Rarible, listed among the world’s largest and best NFT sales sites, has successfully captured the attention of users on a global scale, including a notable presence of Turkish buyers and sellers. This popularity can be attributed to its user-friendly interface, making it more accessible compared to other NFT sales platforms. This ease of use has contributed to a higher participation from the Turkish community.

To sell NFTs on Rarible, users need to create an account and link it to their wallets such as Metamask, Walletlink, etc. Once connected, users can create their works as collections or as individual pieces. The sales process involves specifying details like the GAS fee, desired sale amount, and other relevant information.

Rarible has gained further popularity through its rewarding system, auction/fixed price options, and a commission rate of approximately 2.5% on sales. These features contribute to a dynamic and engaging marketplace, attracting both creators and collectors to the platform. Overall, Rarible’s accessibility and unique features have positioned it as a significant player in the NFT market.

5.Nift Gateway

Nift Gateway stands out among the top NFT sales sites for its unique feature of accepting credit cards, providing a convenient option for users. Although this approach deviates slightly from the decentralized ethos of digital assets, Nift Gateway has garnered a substantial user base due to its accessibility. Applying to sell artifacts, digital assets, or collections on the Nift Gateway site is a straightforward process, and it boasts an easier admission process compared to many other NFT sales platforms.

Despite the convenience, users are still required to connect their accounts to a wallet, ensuring a level of security and transparency in transactions. It’s important to note that Nift Gateway encountered a cyberattack in early 2021; however, the platform has demonstrated resilience and continues to grow.

A noteworthy aspect of Nift Gateway is its commission structure, with a 5% fee applied to each sale. This fee is in line with the industry standard and supports the platform’s sustainability. Overall, Nift Gateway’s acceptance of credit cards and user-friendly approach contribute to its position as a notable player in the expanding NFT market.

6.NBA Ball Shot

NBA Top Shot, established through a partnership between Dapper Labs and the NBA, has emerged as a favorite among the new generation of digital collectors. This platform caters to tens of thousands of users eager to possess digital representations of the most remarkable and iconic moments in NBA history. The collectibles on NBA Top Shot, known as ‘playing cards,’ consist of short video clips capturing memorable game highlights.

Buyers have the option to sell their acquired game cards at a higher price or engage in trading to maximize their profits. The initial price for these playing cards typically starts at an average of $15, with the potential for prices to escalate to nearly unlimited levels, depending on factors such as rarity and the player’s legend status. Additionally, users can purchase packs that may contain special or rare cards, enhancing the excitement of the collection process.

The platform has witnessed extraordinary sales, with a notable instance where a piece of digital art was sold for a staggering $230,000. NBA Top Shot’s innovative approach to digital collectibles, coupled with the allure of capturing unique moments in NBA history, has solidified its popularity among a new generation of collectors and investors in the digital realm.


Let’s explore the Mintable NFT marketplace, which distinguishes itself from competitors through several unique features. One of the standout characteristics of the Mintable site is its allowance for free NFT creation and upload. This means that creators can showcase their work without incurring any fees or commissions until their pieces are sold. Additionally, Mintable employs a classic membership system.

Upon uploading various assets such as in-game items, themes, images, and sounds to the platform, a commission is only deducted from the sale, providing a cost-effective approach for creators. The commission rate on Mintable stands at 5% post-sale, ensuring a fair and transparent fee structure.

Mintable offers multiple selling options beyond the traditional auction and fixed price models. Sellers can opt for an auction method where they set and manage the opening bid, providing flexibility in the sales process.

In summary, Mintable’s standout features, including free NFT creation and upload, a classic membership system, and a reasonable commission rate, contribute to its appeal among creators and collectors in the NFT market. The platform’s diverse selling methods further enhance the overall user experience.


Foundation, despite its launch in 2020, has quickly become one of the best NFT sales sites, attracting a large audience with its unique features. Setting it apart from other top NFT sales platforms, Foundation offers two distinct membership opportunities. Artists can either sell their works through invitations or opt for classic membership, which allows users to make purchases or view content. Notably, invitations can only be extended by artists, giving them the privilege to send an invitation for each sale.

Foundation stands out by offering higher prices compared to other NFT sales platforms. This, along with its exclusive membership structure, contributes to the platform’s appeal for both creators and collectors. It provides a curated and exclusive environment for the buying and selling of NFTs.

It’s important to note that Foundation applies a 10% commission on each sale, a standard practice in the industry that supports the platform’s sustainability and continued growth.

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