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Metaverse the coldness of the refrigerator can be felt while shopping

In the near future, the sense of touch will also be included in technology. In the near future, even the cold temperature of the refrigerator will be felt.

GoArt Metaverse Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Burak Soylu stated that the sense of touch will be included in technology in the near future, adding, “In the near future, you will even be able to feel the coldness of the refrigerator. Wearable technologies are developing rapidly.” said.

Soylu said that it is not correct to match the metaverse with the owner of Meta company, Mark Zuckerberg.

Regarding the recent loss of popularity of the concept, Soylu said, “I think the Metaverse has entered a much better period. The weak links have been broken from the chain. Those who came to look at it saying ‘what’s in here’ came out to see it. It’s good. Those who really understand this concept and invest in technology. Those who want to improve continue on their way.” he said.

Emphasizing that in order to understand the Metaverse, it is necessary to understand Blockchain and NFT very well, Soylu said, “Blockchain promised people the title deed of the digital world. Unfortunately, well-intentioned people were deceived in this area. This type of abuse happens all the time in new generation businesses. But I say: gold You don’t get angry at the jeweler just because it’s fake.” said.

“In parallel with this world, we imagine a universe where our avatars are the leading roles”

Burak Soylu stated that metaverse is not a real estate project, and that those who do not understand the concept in depth want to empty themselves in this way, and said:

“Just as states have a continental shelf, they will also have a digital shelf. Therefore, it is not possible to buy a land on New York’s 5th Avenue over the metaverse. In parallel with this world, we imagine a universe in which our avatars play the leading role. Everything we can do here, eat and drink. Except we can do it in that universe. There is no obstacle in front of this. The sense of touch will also be included in technology soon. This means you can create a super identity in the universe, you can be whatever you want with your avatar. You can go beyond just looking out and commercialize the time you spend We are leaving behind the era when the user serves the platform. Communities ask platforms, ‘what do you promise us?’ I think it’s a very appropriate question.”

Touching on the effects of Metaverse on e-commerce, Soylu stated that the current GDP of the world is approximately 100 trillion dollars, and a quarter of this is returned in e-commerce.

Stating that people’s habits in e-commerce have changed, Soylu said, “We are talking about 25 trillion dollars here. Everyone who said, ‘I don’t buy anything without seeing it in the store’ until 8-10 years ago, is shopping online today.” said.

“We are moving to a three-dimensional world”

Metaverse the coldness of the refrigerator can be felt while shopping

GoArt Metaverse Founder and CEO Soylu talked about the differences between e-commerce experienced today and the e-commerce experience that metaverse will offer, and made the following assessments:

“Right now we’re all on two-dimensional screens. Television, tablet or phone screen… It’s all two-dimensional… Now we’re moving to a three-dimensional world. This improves the consumer’s shopping experience. Let’s say you’re going to buy a refrigerator. Going to the store is a huge effort. And it takes time. That’s why you tend to buy online. You like the refrigerator, but don’t you want to open the door and look inside? Metaverse will allow you to do this from your seat. In the near future, you will even be able to feel the coldness of the refrigerator. Wearable technologies are developing rapidly. Silicon Valley is talking about these.

It is very difficult to keep the consumer on the platform in online shopping. A notification that falls on your phone can instantly distract you. In Metaverse, on the other hand, the visual standards of the editing are so high that those who enter do not want to leave. A message falls on the screen from above, your eye squints. The experience is interrupted. Bounce rates on Web3 are very low compared to Web2. In GoArt, a user stays in the universe for an average of 40 minutes. It’s almost impossible to do this on any e-commerce site.”

“The sectors that will primarily benefit from the economic impact are e-commerce and retail, tourism and culture, education, gaming and e-sports”

Providing information on the expected economic size of the metaverse in the world and in Turkey, Soylu said that according to the report published by CITI last April, the total volume of the metaverse will vary between 8 and 13 trillion dollars in 2030.

Stating that the metaverse will reach 5 billion users, Soylu stated that these estimations are not only made by looking at VR glasses, they are also looking at the mobile base, otherwise this number cannot exceed 1 billion.

Pointing out that according to the report, the metaverse will offer an environment that can be accessed from desktop computers, game consoles and mobile phones, Soylu said:

“According to Deloitte’s Potential Value of Metaverse research for Turkey, which reveals the possible economic, social and environmental impacts of the metaverse ecosystem on Turkey, the potential economic contribution of the metaverse to Turkey will be between $19.9 billion and $37.5 billion by 2035. This amount is equivalent to 1.3 to 2.4 percent of Turkey’s GDP projected for 2035. The sectors that will primarily benefit from this economic impact will be e-commerce and retail, tourism and culture, education, games. and it’s being portrayed as e-sports.”

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