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Metaverse strengthens its supply chain

The metaverse, which we encounter more with its name rather than itself, has already started to offer possibilities that will create a different dimension in the economy… What kind of impact will the metaverse, which will bring people together in the virtual world, interact with objects and minds on common platforms, on supply chains? Let’s take a look at it this week…

Metaverse; It will show its effect in 4 basic processes; 1-business processes, 2-communication processes, 3-relationship processes and 4-information processes… The metaverse, which will transform all these at the same time or at different times, will increase the mobility of billions of products and services scattered around the world.

Metaverse strengthens its supply chain
Metaverse strengthens its supply chain

First of all, by 2030, there will be 30 billion smart things, 8 billion of which are humans. By smart, there will be “multiverse” multiverses that have reached beyond the internet of things and each of them has a reflection in the virtual universe. In this case, the problem is; who manages such complex traffic and how.

In the age of the metaverse, these 30 billion virtual universes have to communicate with their mirrors, created in a complexity beyond human capability. In a way, in the age of metaverse procurement, suppliers will also be virtual. Billions of options of supply in the virtual universe, the model (avatar) of the product in the metaverse space will be used during the design phase of the product. In this way, perhaps CNC machines, vending machines, 3D printers or dark factories will have given the supply orders. Traditional buyers have to consider this…

Let’s say an entrepreneur; discovered a need in the market and created a business idea for it. It was not enough, he poured it into his business model. In the classical approach, he already knew his capital, raw materials, machinery, labor or other equipment.

However, in the metaverse universe, besides billions of suitable components, virtualized capital will also be among the options. It is quite possible to deploy a bank in the metaverse supply chain, and appropriate monetary systems, including cryptos, have already entered our lives. My advice to those who want to use Metaverse opportunities in their supply chain; they start by realizing that this new approach is not just augmented reality glasses. If the virtual universe offers you a new global market, know that the virtual reflection of your needs will be at your disposal, just in time, at the speed of thought.

Atoms will still be in place as we transmit bits and pieces through the metaverse. In this case, the supply chain will trade (trade) with the atoms of the commodity it will supply and bring the rest with classical logistics facilities.

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