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Metaverse Statement From Shiba Inu (SHIB) Has Arrived

The team behind The Metaverse talked about Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) updates to enhance the metaverse universe.

After the popular social media platform Twitter added the Dogecoin ( DOGE ) icon to its homepage in the past few days, a trend of dog coins started. SHIB , the largest memecoin after DOGE , is gradually adding strength to its activity in the crypto ecosystem. After this move of Twitter, SHIB , which increased its burning processes and went to different innovations , came to the fore with metaverse developments this time. For the metaverse ecosystem, which has been silent since the past months, significant moves are coming by SHIB.


Studies on Metaverse Universe Mentionen

Based on the work done so far, the team behind The Metaverse stated that users will have access to some parts of the metaverse until the end of the year . The team explained that users can create different projects and take roles in some sections after gaining access to the metadata store.

The team commented on the work on SHIB’s metavere universe;

“Although all development takes time , the metaverse team is confident that by the end of 2023, users will have the opportunity to explore , build, design, play and develop spaces in this fantasy world .”

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