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Metaverse Platform Horizon Worlds Mobile App Released

Meta has started to roll out its metaverse platform, Horizon Worlds, for early access worldwide. This development means that users can now dive into Meta’s digital universe using their smartphones.

Over the past few years, Mark Zuckerberg has shown a keen interest in metaverse technologies. This commitment was underscored when the company rebranded from Facebook to Meta. They introduced a metaverse ecosystem known as “Meta Horizon Worlds”. Initially, access to this ecosystem was exclusive to users of Meta’s Quest-branded augmented reality glasses. However, the platform did not gain as much traction as anticipated, with some even criticizing its graphic quality, including jests directed at Zuckerberg himself.

In a significant shift, Meta has recently expanded access to Horizon Worlds. Now, it’s available as both a mobile application and a web version, allowing users worldwide to explore the metaverse ecosystem through early access. Importantly, there’s no need to own Quest equipment to experience it. This strategic move seems poised to boost the user base and popularity of Meta Horizon Worlds.

What should those who want to access Meta’s virtual universe do?


To access Meta Horizon Worlds, users need to visit the official website and set up a “Meta account.” This shouldn’t be mistaken for something else; the Meta account is a new type of account introduced by the company specifically for Quest devices and for integration with platforms owned by Meta. Users can sign up for this Meta account using their Facebook, Instagram credentials, or directly with their email address.

What happens after I complete the registration process?


Once a user visits the Meta Horizon Worlds website and sets up their Meta account, they’ll be immersed in a virtual world. In this space, users interact through personalized avatars, connecting with both familiar faces and new acquaintances. It’s worth noting that these interactions are not limited in any way. Mark Zuckerberg has conveyed that within this ecosystem, users can engage in a myriad of activities, from social parties to professional meetings. All of this can now be accessed via the web version or mobile devices.


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