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Metaverse game Roblox is coming to PlayStation

After a 17-year tenure in the gaming industry, Roblox, often dubbed as the closest approximation to a Metaverse, has announced its much-anticipated debut on the PlayStation platform. The exciting revelation was made at the 2023 Roblox Developers Conference (RDC) and has since generated considerable buzz among gamers and developers alike.

Scheduled for release in October, the game has been specially developed for the PlayStation 5 but will also be accessible to PlayStation 4 users. Although Roblox is already available on a myriad of platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Xbox, the Nintendo Switch remains a notable exception. However, the company has intimated that a version for the Switch is under active consideration. Additionally, a virtual reality (VR) edition is set to launch on the Meta Quest platform later this month after successful testing phases.

The PlayStation version promises to grant users seamless access to the full spectrum of Roblox experiences, allowing them to dive into an expansive universe of user-generated worlds. Nonetheless, the delayed launch on PlayStation has sparked speculation. Some suggest that Sony may have harbored reservations related to child safety, as indicated by recently surfaced documents.

Roblox’s expansion onto the PlayStation network marks a significant milestone for the game, widening its accessibility and further solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the journey toward a fully-realized Metaverse. With these new developments, the gaming community can look forward to more immersive and diverse experiences as Roblox continues to break new ground.


Metaverse game Roblox is coming to PlayStation

Roblox also announced some new features for the platform. These include a video chat version that allows users to video chat one-on-one with their Roblox avatars. Additionally, a new chatbot, “Roblox Assistant”, was announced. This AI-based assistant can help users with a range of creative tasks, from building structures to writing code to fabricating virtual objects. These features will be available in the coming months.

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