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Meta builds new version of metaverse world

As Meta’s VR platform grapples with growth, the company is refocusing on creating a revamped version of the metaverse. The priority is now on generating more games and content for Horizon Worlds.

Meta is intent on transforming the VR landscape of Horizon Worlds, introducing a larger suite of video games as the social platform strives to capture a wider audience. Horizon Worlds, a free social network in virtual reality where users can fashion avatars and engage with fellow gamers, has cost the firm’s Reality Labs division tens of billions of dollars to date.

Metaverse is Undergoing a Revamp


In a bid to boost the appeal of Horizon Worlds, Meta has launched an internal studio named Ouro Interactive, devoted to developing proprietary virtual reality games, according to Vishal Shah, Vice President of Metaverse at Meta. The studio’s inaugural VR shooter, Super Rumble, was also recently unveiled and reportedly offers enhanced graphics and precision compared to other VR games crafted on Horizon Worlds.

Shah confirmed that this video game will be among the first VR games that Meta plans to trial when it rolls out the mobile iteration of Horizon Worlds. Shah referred to it as “the next generation of Horizon Worlds,” stating, “This is definitely more than just a new world.”

Pivotal Moves for Horizon Worlds


Shah elucidated that as Meta crafts new Horizon Worlds, it will unveil more video games. He also explained that Meta’s VR platform has been overhauled to accommodate higher quality and more intricate games and offer additional tools for third-party developers. Additionally, when Meta introduces the mobile version of Horizon Worlds, the app is expected to serve as a conduit between smartphones and the company’s Quest VR headsets.

The overhaul of Horizon Worlds coincides with Meta’s latest earnings report, which revealed that the company’s Reality Labs divisions reported $276 million in revenue and $3.7 billion in operational losses. Since the start of 2022, the Reality Labs division has incurred losses exceeding $21 billion. The cumulative loss of the unit, established in 2020, is over $40 billion.

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