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France feels the pulse for the metaverse

Considering metaverse user experiences and concerns, the French government is keeping abreast of potential barriers local firms may face to entering virtual universes.

The French government aims to create a “French strategy” for this emerging sector and to offer an alternative to international giants by seeking public opinion on the metaverse , which it calls the “virtual spiral universe” .


On April 11, France’s Directorate General for Business launched a consultation on “virtual spaces”, asking many companies, associations, citizens and researchers to answer a series of questions.

It was stated that the purpose of the meeting was to enable to predict metaverse technology and to offer an alternative to the virtual multidimensional universes currently offered by international giants.

The search for an alternative to the Metaverse continues

The French General Directorate of Enterprises drew attention to the rapid development of virtual and augmented reality technology. The organization said this has become an important part of the economic debate and many companies are positioning themselves as solution providers or users.


This interview avoided using the term ” metaverse ” directly, noting that it was open to public discussion and provided an opportunity to assess the meaning of the consultation.

While the interviews offer different surveys for citizens, businesses, associations and researchers, they generally focus on the level of knowledge about virtual spaces, the demand for these spaces, and potential challenges.

However, although some common questions are asked among all stakeholders, it is worth noting that there are important differences.

Citizens are questioned about their experience with technologies such as mixed reality, blockchain and 3D creation software, their main concerns and their intention to participate in virtual immersion events in the future.

Businesses are also asked about the barriers that hinder progress in French companies’ process of building metaverses, and demand expectations from professionals and the general public . In this way, they are asked to think about “what elements will depend on” the worlds of tomorrow.

Both businesses and researchers are asked about areas where funding should be prioritized, while researchers are asked to describe their vision of their virtual spiral experience, in addition to multiple choice questions.

This comes after a group of industry professionals took part in a panel at Paris Blockchain Week on March 22 to discuss how regulators can interpret events in the metaverse and how businesses can enter the metaverse.

On the other hand, attorney Julie Jacob, founder of the Jacob Avocats law firm, stated at the panel that there is no standard, noting that there is “a really great opportunity to establish rules and ethical standards.

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