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European Commission Creates Strategy for Metaverse

Margrethe Vestager , antitrust head of the European Union ( EU ) , wants to ensure that healthy competition exists within metaverses.

According to a published text, at an event in Brussels , European Commissioner for competition and digital affairs Vestager said: “It’s time we started asking what healthy competition should look like in the Metaverse.”

Vestager also touched on the impact of the artificial intelligence service ChatGPT

Volman: We Need to Make People Feel Safe

European Commission Creates Strategy for Metaverse
European Commission Creates Strategy for Metaverse

The European Commission plans to set policy on virtual worlds in May .Recently, a senior European Commission official , Yvo Volman , said that the European Union should also consider issues such as non-discrimination, user security and data privacy when considering how to organize the meta universe.

“We want to make sure that the developments we see in the virtual worlds are in line with our European values ​​from the very beginning, and are fully aligned with values ​​such as respect for privacy, non-discrimination and equality,” Yvo Volman said in a statement .

Volman continued in his speech: “We need to make people feel as safe in virtual worlds as they do in the real world, maybe even more.”

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