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China, known for its crypto bans, now seeks metaverse control

China Mobile, the state-owned telecommunications company in China, has suggested the implementation of a control mechanism within the Metaverse, according to POLITICO. This proposal, which was made to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the communications agency of the United Nations, includes the recommendation to create a digital identity system for the Metaverse and other virtual spaces, with the aim of enhancing security.

Despite its ban on cryptocurrencies and mining in 2021, China continues to make advancements in the digital realm. With the expected expansion of the Metaverse by the end of 2023, the suggestion of implementing a digital identity system comes at a crucial time. This recommendation aligns with China’s ongoing efforts to regulate and control various aspects of digital and online activities, as seen with the country’s implementation of a social credit system.

The proposed digital identity system would involve the collection of user data, offering a mechanism to monitor and control activities within the Metaverse and other virtual spaces. However, such an approach raises concerns regarding user privacy and the potential for surveillance. Critics argue that collecting user data in a centralized manner could potentially infringe upon individual privacy rights and limit the decentralized nature of the Metaverse.

China’s proposal reflects the broader debate around balancing security and privacy in the digital age, especially as virtual worlds like the Metaverse become more prevalent. Deciding how to implement rules and regulations in these new digital spaces, while ensuring the protection of individual privacy and freedom, will be a key challenge moving forward.

“The police find it quickly”


The proposal put forward by China Mobile emphasized the importance of establishing order and security within the virtual world. In the statement, it was highlighted that the Metaverse may serve as a platform where individuals can propagate unfounded rumors and incite chaos. By introducing the proposed digital identity system, law enforcement authorities would be better equipped to swiftly identify and locate individuals who engage in such activities

Similar to the social credit system…


As it is known, China has come to the fore with the social credit system it has developed in recent years. Citizens who do not comply with certain rules are barred from actions such as buying plane and train tickets or making various other expenses.

This proposal, submitted by China to the UN group, is expected to be voted on by the ITU, the relevant arm of the organization, in October.

A person who spoke to POLITICO and stated to be among this group, said that China has made a difference to the US and EU in terms of offers in virtual worlds.

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