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What is Ovr Coin (OVR)

OVR is a stage for geolocalized AR and VR encounters dependent on Ethereum blockchain. OVR takes into consideration making facilitating and envisioning on versatile geo-found AR and VR substance. AR/VR resources are associated with geographic areas says thanks to NFTs (ERC-721 norm). The world has been partitioned in 1.6 trillion hexagons, every last one of those designated with a combiantion of 3 english words. Every hexagon (OVRLand) addresses extraordinary geographic area and the proprietor of the OVRLand can conclude what AR/VR experience will be envisioned on that area.

Covered use cases are: gaming, live occasions, virtual retail, symbols, the travel industry and some more.. AR/VR resources are facilitated on IPFS making the stage relentless. OVR project additionally has a fungible token (ERC-20) OVR Token utilized for administration and trade of significant worth on the stage. OVR Token emanation is constrained by an IBCO constrained by DAO under the Aragon system.

Launched in November 2020, Ovr Coin (OVR) is the native token of the OVR platform, a world-scale, open-source, augmented reality (AR) platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The platform allows for overlaying interactive, customizable, and monetizable AR experiences on real-world locations.

The Purpose of Ovr Coin (OVR)

The OVR project aims to build a decentralized platform for the spatial web, allowing users and organizations to create and host AR/VR content in correspondence with real-world geographic coordinates. This is achieved through the OVR Lands, which are parcels of virtual lands mapped to real-world geographic locations.

The OVR coin serves as the primary utility token on the platform, and it’s used for various functionalities, including buying and selling OVR Lands, participating in governance decisions, accessing AR/VR content, and more.

The Technology Underpinning OVR

OVR leverages Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities to manage the ownership and transactions of virtual land (OVR Lands). Each OVR Land corresponds to a specific geographic location in the real world. The ownership of these lands is represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique and stored on the blockchain.

The platform uses a hexagonal grid system to map the Earth’s surface, with each hexagon representing a parcel of OVR Land. The AR/VR content displayed on each land parcel can be customized by the owner of that specific parcel.

The OVR Token and Market Value

The OVR token is used for transactions within the OVR ecosystem. These transactions include buying and selling OVR Lands and accessing premium AR/VR content. As such, the market value of OVR is dependent on the demand for these services, as well as general market sentiment and the overall growth and development of the OVR platform.

Pros and Cons of Ovr Coin (OVR)


  1. AR/VR Integration: OVR combines AR/VR technology with blockchain, creating a novel application of blockchain technology in the burgeoning AR/VR space.
  2. Ownership of Virtual Land: The platform allows users to own and monetize virtual land that corresponds to real-world locations.
  3. Interoperability: The use of NFTs and Ethereum blockchain ensures the interoperability of OVR Lands with other Ethereum-based platforms and applications.


  1. Adoption Barriers: The complex interplay of AR/VR and blockchain could pose adoption barriers for less tech-savvy users.
  2. Dependence on AR/VR Growth: The success of OVR is strongly linked to the growth and adoption of AR/VR technology, which is still in its early stages of development.
  3. Regulatory Uncertainty: As with many blockchain projects, potential regulatory changes could impact the project’s growth and success.

In conclusion, OVR represents a pioneering effort to combine the worlds of AR/VR and blockchain. While the project offers a compelling vision for the future of the spatial web, it also faces notable challenges, including technological hurdles and regulatory uncertainty. Nevertheless, the project’s innovative approach and ambitious vision make it a standout project in the blockchain and AR/VR space.

How To Buy Ovr Coin (OVR)

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About Ovr Coin (OVR)

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