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Covalent (CQT) Market Value, News

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What is Covalent (CQT) ?

Covalent (CQT) is a decentralized data analytics platform that enables users to easily access and analyze blockchain data. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Covalent, including its history, purpose, technology, advantages, disadvantages, market value, and more.

History and Purpose

Covalent was founded in 2017 by Ganesh Swami, Levi Aul, and Tanmay Gupta, with the aim of providing a user-friendly and efficient blockchain data analytics platform. The team realized that accessing and analyzing blockchain data was a challenging task that required significant technical expertise, and so they set out to create a solution that would simplify the process.

The Covalent platform provides a unified API that allows users to access data from multiple blockchain networks in a standardized format. This means that developers and analysts can access data from multiple blockchains without needing to learn each blockchain’s specific programming language or data structure.


Covalent is built on top of the Substrate blockchain framework and uses a combination of indexing and caching technologies to provide fast and efficient data retrieval. The platform supports several blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon (formerly Matic Network), with plans to support more networks in the future.

One of the key features of Covalent is its ability to provide historical blockchain data. The platform stores data in a compressed format, which allows for efficient storage and retrieval. Users can query this historical data using the Covalent API, making it easy to analyze trends and patterns over time.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the biggest advantages of Covalent is its user-friendly interface. By providing a standardized API, the platform makes it easy for developers and analysts to access blockchain data without needing to have a deep understanding of each individual blockchain’s data structure.

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Another advantage is Covalent’s support for historical data. This allows users to analyze long-term trends and patterns, which can be valuable for making informed investment decisions.

However, there are also some potential disadvantages to using Covalent. One is that the platform is relatively new, and so it may not yet have the same level of adoption as some of its competitors. Additionally, as with any blockchain-based platform, there is always a risk of hacking or other security vulnerabilities.

Market Value

At the time of writing, Covalent (CQT) has a market capitalization of approximately $425 million, with a circulating supply of 233 million tokens. The price of CQT has experienced significant volatility since its launch, with a peak price of $4.26 in May 2021 and a low of $0.15 in December 2020.


Covalent is a decentralized data analytics platform that provides a user-friendly interface for accessing and analyzing blockchain data. With its support for multiple blockchain networks and historical data, Covalent has the potential to be a valuable tool for developers and analysts looking to gain insights into the blockchain space. However, as with any blockchain-based platform, there are potential risks and drawbacks to consider.

How To Covalent (CQT) ?

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