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YouTube announced that it will enter the metaverse: It will start with games

Popular video platform YouTube, which has been operating under the roof of Alphabet and Google since 2006, has announced that it will enter the ‘metaverse’ universe. Company; In his statement on the subject, he pointed out that he will offer users new ‘metaverse’ experiences, starting with games that enable a more immersive gaming experience. It was also underlined that the new game experience will feel much more real and lively.

According to the news quoted from Irish Examiner; It is not yet clear how YouTube will exist in the ‘metaverse’ universe. However, YouTube CPO Neal Mohan says that they are in the early stages of work on the subject and points out that they are excited to see how they will make the virtual reality world for viewers a reality.

YouTube announced that it will enter the metaverse
YouTube announced that it will enter the metaverse

It is stated that YouTube will initially focus on the gaming experience in the ‘metaverse’ universe. The platform currently hosts the most popular creators who specialize in this field.

It is also known that Ryan Wyatt, the head of the company’s gaming department, left YouTube in January to open his own cryptocurrency venture to the public.

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