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You Can Feel the Metaverse in Your Fingers: Researchers Introduce Next-Gen VR Gloves

A group of researchers from Singapore State University has announced their new gloves, where you can feel the Metaverse at your fingertips.

The concept of metaverse has now begun to settle into our daily lives. Many companies have also started to develop various software and technologies for use in Metaverse. If you remember, Sony introduced Micopi tracking sensors last month and made it much easier to transfer our entire body to Metaverse.

Today, a group of researchers from the State University of Singapore announced their new gloves, where you can feel every object you see in the virtual world at your fingertips .

You can feel even the smallest roughness


This glove, named HaptGlove , works with much more and much more sensitive motors and a machine learning supported algorithm, unlike ordinary VR controllers and gloves. The glove has one feedback module for each finger. These modules, which work with the help of microfluidics, are much more sensitive and fragile than standard feedback modules, but they are almost half smaller. In this way, when you wear the gloves, you do not feel excessive weight in your hand.

All you have to do after wearing the glove is to run the software on the computer and then log in to Metaverse. The system automatically detects and models objects near your hand in the virtual world, allowing you to touch them. We can say that these gloves , which you can feel even minor roughness and protrusions thanks to microfluidics, actually look like they were inspired by the movie Ready Player One .

The team that developed HaptGlove states that this project is not new and they have been working on developing it since 2019 . Stating that the first prototypes of the project were very unsuccessful and that even the spherical models had corners in the tests, the team states that they worked continuously to make these gloves the best possible over time.

The researchers, who bought the patent rights to the product, state that HaptGlove may be available for sale soon and that the price of a pair of gloves can range from $3,700 ($69,535 excluding taxes) to $15,000 (TL 281,902 excluding taxes).

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