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Yandex’s New Artificial Intelligence Language Model “YandexGPT 2” Introduced

Yandex, keeping pace with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence technology, has introduced its new and improved language model, YandexGPT 2. This latest version marks a significant upgrade from its predecessor, YandexGPT, which was initially launched in May 2023.

YandexGPT 2 stands out for its enhanced productivity and superior response quality. One of the key features of this new model is its ability to tailor responses to different audiences. It possesses the versatility to write texts in various styles and tones, adapting its explanations to suit the understanding level of the audience. For instance, YandexGPT 2 can simplify complex topics like integrals to be comprehensible to a five-year-old child.

Furthermore, this advanced language model is capable of processing and analyzing commands up to 1,000 characters in length. It can efficiently respond to questions and organize information, showcasing a notable improvement in both functionality and user interaction.

New language model 67 percent more successful


Yandex has shown strong confidence in the performance of its latest version, YandexGPT 2. The company conducted rigorous testing, using identical clients to compare the performance of YandexGPT 2 against its predecessor.

This comparison covered various aspects such as artificial intelligence training, result accuracy, coherence, grammar, and writing style. The results demonstrated that YandexGPT 2 outperformed the previous model in two-thirds of the test scenarios.

Significant improvements in YandexGPT 2 include enhanced capabilities in text generation, summarization, analysis, idea generation, and the adaptation of writing style to specific individuals or audiences. The Yandex team has increased the number of parameters in this new model and also refined the data set used for its training.

YandexGPT 2 is available in Russia and has been integrated with Yandex’s smart assistant, Alice. However, there is no confirmed information yet about when this AI language model will be accessible to users outside of Russia.


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