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Xiaomi Introduces CyberDog 2, Its New Robot Dog That Is No Different From Real Dogs!

Xiaomi has recently unveiled an updated version of its robotic dog, known as CyberDog 2. This new iteration of CyberDog has a much more realistic appearance, resembling an actual dog when compared to its predecessor. Additionally, it comes with a host of improvements and advancements.

Xiaomi is known for its diverse range of products, spanning various categories, including mobile phones and smart home devices, which were introduced in 2021. This particular product demonstrated the ability to perform various functions, such as navigating obstacles and responding to voice commands.

The Chinese technology giant has now officially introduced CyberDog 2, showcasing numerous enhancements and upgrades over its previous version.

Much smarter than the previous generation, CyberDog 2 really looks like a dog


CyberDog 2 introduces innovations in both its design and features. When examining CyberDog 2, it becomes evident that its design now closely resembles that of a real dog, a significant departure from the somewhat eerie appearance of the first version. In fact, one might even liken its design to that of a Doberman, complete with two small ears.

The latest CyberDog 2 is more compact and lightweight than its predecessor, weighing 8.9 kilograms and standing at a height of 36.7 centimeters. This robot is equipped with an AI-powered camera system that includes four Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors, an RGB camera, a LiDAR sensor, a depth camera, an ultrasonic sensor, and a fisheye lens. Additionally, it features four microphones and incorporates advanced capabilities to enhance its vision, touch, and hearing, such as a force sensor.


The CyberDog 2, designed to be a user’s close companion, surpasses its predecessor in intelligence, thanks to its NX processor capable of delivering 21 TOPS performance. Besides responding to voice commands, this robot can perform tasks such as following its user and simulating actions like eating or drinking water.


Moreover, the company highlights that the robot is more agile and capable of executing more complex movements, thanks to its self-developed actuator named CyberGear. Examples of these movements include getting up and performing somersaults after a fall. The robot’s speed is stated to be 1.6 meters per second.

The CyberDog 2, set to be released soon in China, is priced at 12,999 yuan (approximately $1790). It appears unlikely that the product will be available in markets outside of China.


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