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Wonderverse Will Use Indonesia Metaverse Technology

Two organizations in Indonesia joined forces to develop a Metaverse-based project in Indonesia. Wonderverse will help embellish the nation’s creative economy and tourism in a digital and immersive way. 

The company’s top priority will be to promote Indonesia’s beauty with Indonesian Metaverse technology. Metaverse will consist of 4 fields. In these areas, tourists and artists will be able to interact. It will also introduce the country’s locations and include sales-style additions.

Wonderverse Will Use Indonesia Metaverse Technology
Wonderverse Will Use Indonesia Metaverse Technology

Wonderverse To Introduce Indonesia!

According to published reports, Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and Magnus Digital have created a Metaverse channel called WonderVerse Indonesia. This digital project aims to showcase the country’s tourist attraction, beauty and economy in the virtual world. In addition, Metaverse has now become a global trend in almost all sectors of the world. As the world economy becomes increasingly digital, companies are looking for ways to join this trend. Several companies are currently using virtual technology to promote their products. Indonesian Ministry of Tourism became the last member to join the trend by partnering with Magnus Digital Indonesia.

The purpose of the ministry is to promote the country’s creative economy and tourist attractions for the world to see. The government ministry plans to realize its purpose by using 3G technique. This 3G technique has been described as Geber (working together), Gaspol (working in potential business areas) and Geber2 (working in potential business areas). Also, Indonesian Minister of Tourism, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, is the creator of the technique. Magnus Digital is a technology-based marketing and advertising agency. In addition, the company partners with government agencies and private individuals. The company is expected to function as a leader, marketer and developer for this new project.

Both sides expressed their belief that this Metaverse initiative will make the country the first person to shine a good light on the world. This will also provide opportunities for locals to showcase their artwork and products digitally. Users will be able to access Wonderverse Indonesia from anywhere using the site. In the future, the project will extend to virtual reality. By using VR technology, it is planned to create more opportunities in the tourism sector of the country. However, according to the explanations, the internet speed of the users should be at least 25 Mbps.

Also, the Metaverse project consists of four main parts called ‘plots’. The plots will consist of Lobby, WonderFun Land, WonderReal Land and WonderGoods Land. Each terrain will have its own characteristics. In the lobby, tourists will be able to interact with the animals or view digital galleries featuring local artwork. WonderFun Land will showcase the country’s traditional dances and plays. At WonderGoods Land, tourists will shop for local produce. In addition, WonderReal Land is a virtual formation where tourists can buy flight, accommodation and hotel tickets directly.

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