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Will There Be Metaverse And Cryptocurrencies In The Much-Awaited GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) stands as one of the gaming community’s most eagerly awaited titles, with significant speculation surrounding its potential incorporation of metaverse and cryptocurrency elements.

Amidst widespread rumors suggesting that GTA 6 might embrace these modern digital concepts, the studio’s decision last November to prohibit the use of digital assets and NFTs cast doubt on such developments. This move mirrored a similar stance taken by Mojang Studios for Minecraft in July 2022, reflecting a broader hesitancy within the gaming industry regarding digital assets and the metaverse.

Despite this, three executives from the blockchain gaming sector argue that the retreat from blockchain technology by some mainstream game developers is temporary.

They believe it’s only a matter of time before these developers reconsider their positions. This perspective raises intriguing questions about whether GTA 6 will proceed with integrating metaverse and cryptocurrency features, suggesting a potential shift in the industry’s approach to these technologies.

Will there be a Metaverse and Cryptocurrency in GTA 6?

Will There Be Metaverse And Cryptocurrencies In The Much-Awaited GTA 6
Will There Be Metaverse And Cryptocurrencies In The Much-Awaited GTA 6

Walter Lee, a game growth leader at BNB Chain, suggests that the recent ban on NFTs by game studios is more about the concerns surrounding NFTs rather than blockchain technology itself. He believes that mainstream studios are likely to adopt the technology once there’s more regulatory clarity to ensure player safety, noting that there’s a widespread lack of understanding regarding Web3.

Furthermore, the current unstructured nature of the sector has led to skepticism among users and businesses about the real benefits of Web3, overshadowed by the risks of scams and fraud. Mojang Studios cited reasons such as wash trading, issues with property rights, and the potential for scams as their rationale for prohibiting NFTs.

Grant Haseley, the executive director of Wagyu Games, pointed out that resistance towards adopting blockchain technology stems from fears of disrupting the existing economic models where “the customer who pays is guaranteed fun.” He highlighted that a significant portion of the revenue for GTA 5, the most successful entertainment product to date, comes from in-game currency microtransactions. Justin Hulog, chief studio officer at Immutable Games Studio, added that Microsoft has also implemented microtransactions in Minecraft, indicating that it makes financial sense for companies to maintain control over their in-game economies.

Thus, with the advent of more regulation in the space and a strong public demand, the incorporation of metaverse plans into GTA 6 could very well become a reality.

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