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Will Mark Zuckerberg’s blind faith in the world of the metaverse be the destruction of his $400 billion empire?

Mark Zuckerberg’s bold new world, Metaverse, doesn’t seem to have received many votes of confidence from critics and investors. Share values ​​of Meta, owned by Zuckerberg, fell, while his personal wealth declined. The Metaverse project named him among the 20 richest people in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg ‘s passion for the world of the Metaverse began to cause financial losses for the company and his own personal wealth.

Metaverse remains the focus of many criticisms. Critics and investors think that the graphics of the Metaverse world look as primitive as game videos from the 1990s, there is little to do in the virtual universe, and there is little point in entering the Metaverse in the first place. But Zuckerberg, unlike Silicon Valley investors and critics, doesn’t seem to give up on his passion that the Metaverse will be the future of the internet.

Within ten years, Zuckerberg wants to include one billion users in this alternative reality and transform it into a market where digital commerce worth hundreds of billions of dollars a day takes place.

Mark Zuckerberg invested approximately 10 billion dollars a year, believing that the social environment will take place in this universe with the increase in internet use during the pandemic period .

With Metaverse, he aimed to create another world where people would interact with each other online, play games and hold business meetings.

However, in the documents leaked from Meta company recently, it was revealed that the monthly visitor number of Horizon Worlds, the center of Metaverse, is 200,000.

After such developments, the share prices of Meta company, owned by Zuckerberg, fell by about 60 percent in the past 14 months, reducing the company’s current market value to $ 400 billion.

The market value of the decrease in share prices was calculated as approximately 600 billion dollars.

But Zuckerberg’s personal wealth has dwindled by $76 billion since January, and the Metaverse project has put him among the 20 richest people in the world.



According to leaked information from within the company, Meta employees also do not believe in Mark Zuckerberg’s dream. It turned out that company employees were sarcastically referring to the changes made to the Metaverse, with words like “MMH” or “Make Mark Happy” sarcastically referring to the project.

Vishal Shah, vice president of Metaverse division of Meta, realized that the company’s staff had little faith in Metaverse and said to his employees’ message box, “Why don’t we love this product we designed as much as other products we use all the time? The truth is, if we don’t like Metaverse, how can we expect our users to love it? ” left a message.


Critics believe this virtual world is a scary place for people.

A BBC researcher said she had easy access to a digital strip club in the Metaverse universe by pretending to be a 13-year-old.

A spokesperson for the National Association for the Prevention of Violence against Children (NSPCC) described parts of Metaverse as dangerous by design.

Some critics have said that “Meta’s greedy CEO, which harms children, fosters individuality and division, undermines democracy, and much more, has the courage to think that he can persuade people to spend more time in this sinister environment. Exploitative company. His strange arrogance makes him this time. will destroy it,” he said.

This brave new world of Mark Zuckerberg does not seem to have received many votes of confidence from people.

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