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WhatsApp Facilitates In-App Access to AI-Powered Chat Assistant

A novel feature has surfaced in the latest Android beta version of WhatsApp, the widely-used instant messaging app owned by Meta. This update signifies an advancement in the integration of AI technology within the app.

As the global enthusiasm for artificial intelligence continues to escalate, WhatsApp is focusing on incorporating new AI-centric features. The recent discovery in the Android beta version, labeled “,” indicates significant enhancements in AI-supported chat assistants.

This latest feature in the beta version enables users to access artificial intelligence chat assistants more conveniently, through a dedicated button located in the chat interface. This development represents a stride in making AI functionalities more accessible and user-friendly within the WhatsApp platform.

This is what WhatsApp’s development for chatbots will look like:


Previously, accessing assistants within the WhatsApp application was somewhat cumbersome, as they weren’t readily available on the home screen. However, in a significant development, the latest beta version introduces a more user-friendly approach to accessing these AI chat assistants.

The new feature is represented by a round button with purple and blue hues, strategically placed on the “New Chat” button. These assistants, powered by Meta AI, were first introduced in September of the previous year and have since made a notable impact.

Despite this enhancement, it’s important to note that since this feature is currently in beta, there is no definitive information regarding its inclusion in the public version of the app. The release date for this beta version, which includes this small yet functional feature, remains unknown at this point.


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