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What is Moonland Metaverse?

Moonland is a game set in a lunar and space-themed metaverse, developed on the Qtum blockchain network. In this game, players have the opportunity to earn rewards by creating digital replicas of themselves.

What is Moonland?


Moonland is a metaverse game based on the Qtum blockchain, inviting players to embark on adventures across the moon’s surface, engage in various tasks, battle fierce monsters, or compete with other players.

In the Moonland metaverse, each player has the ability to craft their own in-game avatar, or “digital twin,” using a comprehensive character creation system. With a multitude of options available, players can either create avatars that are realistic replicas of themselves or design something entirely unique.

For those who prioritize gameplay over aesthetics, there’s the option to focus on customizing weapons and skills to match their preferred playing style. The game incorporates familiar elements of traditional multiplayer games, such as joining different clans and factions, each with unique attributes.

Alternatively, players can opt for a less combat-oriented approach by acquiring resources through trading and exploration.

Moonland diverges from typical gaming formulas that rely heavily on quests and monster encounters as the sole means of progressing, offering players the chance to accumulate resources by owning virtual land or managing a business within the metaverse.

Moonland Economy


Like many blockchain-based games, the in-game economy of Moonland is largely centered around NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which represent various in-game assets.

Items such as wearables, weapons, and consumables are freely tradable within the game’s marketplace. This allows players to exchange a variety of items from different games in a unified location.

The Moonland metaverse utilizes its own native utility token, named Mooncoin, to facilitate transactions within the game and to serve as a medium of exchange in the Moonland economy.

Mooncoin, like most cryptocurrencies, holds value that extends beyond the confines of the metaverse, enabling it to be traded for other assets. Essentially, Mooncoin underpins a Play-to-Earn model, whereby players can collect items and resources that translate into real-world value.

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