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Warning to increase security measures for NFT and metaverse

After the change of currencies with NFTand metaverse, social areas are also moving to the digital world. While people dream of being able to escape the limits of their physical existence and move freely in cyberspace, security vulnerabilities worry users.

NFT and metaverse, which have an even more active position in people’s lives after the second half of 2021, are preparing to remove the distinction between the physical and digital worlds. While there is a mandatory transformation in the physical world in the direction of digitalization, studies are continuing to ensure that economic or social assets find a place for themselves in the digital world as soon as possible.

Blockchain technology plays a key role in the change in the digital world. In this way, digital versions of all physical assets, especially money, and even intangible assets were produced and added to the economic cycle, bringing great changes. The production of digital forms of assets enabled the concept of digital ownership, that is, NFT applications to be integrated into daily life.

Warning to increase security measures for NFT and metaverse
Warning to increase security measures for NFT and metaverse

” With this technology, digital ownership of songs, photographs, design works as well as animations such as GIFs can be taken. NFT, a kind of ownership, offers an economic field of activity that pushes the boundaries of imagination. Despite all its advantages, there are question marks about the future of NFT. At first, NFT and cryptocurrencies can be launched as a technology that changes the world, as well as the huge carbon footprint they leave.According to a report in Independent Turkish, it is stated that the creation of an average NFT is equivalent to driving approximately 800 kilometers in a gasoline car. equates to more than a kilogram of carbon production. ”

Stating that the digital certificate created on the basis of blockchain, thanks to the ownership of NFTs, is stored on hundreds of thousands of computers around the world, preventing the emergence of other rights holders, Büyükbingöl said, ” This situation indicates that digital assets can also be seized by hackers, and protocols that offer new firewalls are needed. ” The future societies will be shaped by the focus of digital technology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and social computing, ” he said.

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