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Vodafone Sets Its Adress In Metaverse

Aiming to offer its customers the best digital experience in every environment, Vodafone is preparing to open its first store in the metaverse. Vodafone Metaverse Store, which will be opened in Decentraland very soon, will offer customers the convenience of accessing Vodafone products and services in the virtual universe. Vodafone Metaverse Store will be the first store opened in the metaverse among Vodafone Group countries.

Operating with the vision of leading the digitalization of Turkey , Vodafone is preparing to open its first store in the metaverse. In the Vodafone Metaverse Store , which will be opened in the “66,-1 parcel” location in Decentraland very soon , the personal digital assistant TOBi will welcome the customers. Customers will be able to meet all their technology-related needs and access Vodafone’s products and services by experiencing a new generation digital experience in the store, which will be designed in accordance with Vodafone’s new generation retail approach. Vodafone Turkey will be the first country to open a store in the metaverse between Vodafone Metaverse Store and Vodafone Group countries.

Vodafone Sets Its Adress In Metaverse

There will also be brand campaigns

Vodafone Metaverse Store will have special areas for campaigns of Vodafone’s brands such as Red and FreeZone, as well as areas for Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives. The content offered by Vodafone for gamers under the umbrella of FreeZone Gaming will also be available on Vodafone Metaverse Store. In the metaverse store, where sales referrals will be made to Vodafone Online Store with a QR code or link, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences will also be offered to customers. Various events and launches will also be held at Vodafone’s store in the metaverse.

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