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Virtual Playground For Metaverse:Space Tycoon

Samsung has unveiled its latest virtual playground, Samsung Space Tycoon, developed on the global metaverse platform Roblox.

Positioned as a unique experience leveraging Samsung products and space-themed characters, Space Tycoon allows users to create and play their own games, drawing inspiration from corporate simulation games of the “tycoon” genre.

Situated on the Samsung Space Station, the virtual playground consists of three distinctive zones: the Mining Zone with various resources, a store offering game items, and a laboratory for product manufacturing.

Virtual Playground For Metaverse:Space Tycoon
Virtual Playground For Metaverse:Space Tycoon

In Space Tycoon, users can utilize extracted resources to design, purchase, or develop a range of Samsung products, including Galaxy phones, TVs, and home appliances. Real-life Samsung products can be transformed into in-game tools through user creativity.

For instance, the foldable Galaxy Z Flip smartphone can be converted into a bag or a scooter, the Jet Bot vacuum cleaner into a hoverboard, and The Sero lifestyle screen into a one-man helicopter.

The in-game store features over 20 Samsung products, and the colors of purchased items may change based on the user’s progress levels in the game.

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