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ViewSonic Brings Education to the Metaverse

ViewSonic continues its commitment to educational technologies with the launch of the beta version of its product UNIVERSE by ViewSonic, marking its foray into bringing education to the metaverse. In response to the evolving needs of education amid the pandemic, this technology giant aims to provide students with an immersive and secure digital learning platform.

Tailored for middle school and higher education groups, UNIVERSE by ViewSonic fosters a sense of belonging, encouraging participation and collaboration in a virtual environment when physical presence is not possible.

The platform facilitates interactive learning experiences, supporting various forms of individual and group discussions through features like spatialized audio, screen sharing, and camera sharing. In contrast to existing one-way teaching-focused distance learning solutions, UNIVERSE by ViewSonic promotes more engaged discussions, true multi-group collaboration, and enhances social connections and peer learning.

Facilitates interaction and reinforces learning

ViewSonic Brings Education to the Metaverse
ViewSonic Brings Education to the Metaverse

UNIVERSE by ViewSonic facilitates self-expression for students by allowing them to create personalized avatars within its classrooms, lecture halls, and collaboration areas. The digital campus is designed with intuitive controls, ensuring students can navigate comfortably and securely, fostering personal and meaningful connections with their peers.

Communication is enhanced through private and group chats, where students can express themselves using emojis and realistic spatialized audio. The product supports collaborative discussions in the main learning area, as well as separate meeting rooms for more focused conversations.

The learning process is streamlined with increased interaction using tools like screen sharing, content sharing, quizzes, and surveys. Teachers benefit from the classroom management feature, which allows them to easily switch between lecture and discussion modes.

UNIVERSE by ViewSonic provides detailed learning reports after each lesson, offering insights into student participation levels and supporting teachers with data-driven information for better learning outcomes in the digital environment.

No need for additional accessories

UNIVERSE by ViewSonic is versatile and can be utilized on desktop computers, laptops, and iOS tablets without the need for additional accessories.

With a minimal requirement of 500 Kbps per connection, UNIVERSE by ViewSonic operates with lower bandwidth needs compared to many video conferencing platforms. Additionally, versions for Android and MacOS are in development and will soon be available for use in educational settings.

The product is compatible with myViewBoard and Canvas LMS, allowing teachers to enhance online learning by integrating myViewBoard for advanced digital tools through a built-in web browser.

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