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Unveiling Frida Kahlo’s Art and Memories in the Metaverse

The family of the globally renowned painter Frida Kahlo unveiled the artist’s previously unseen artworks and memorabilia in the metaverse.

This collection was showcased in a permanent exhibition during the third Metaverse Art Week, which took place from August 24 to 28 in Decentraland.

Metaverse users have the opportunity to explore these artworks and hear personal anecdotes from family members in a digital replica of “The Red House.”

The Red House is a virtual representation of the family’s real home in Mexico City.

Unveiling Frida Kahlo's Art and Memories in the Metaverse
Unveiling Frida Kahlo’s Art and Memories in the Metaverse

In the metaverse rendition of the house, each room uniquely represents the lesser-known aspects of the artist’s life before her famed relationship with the Mexican painter Diego Rivera began.

Luke McFarlane, co-founder of Ezel, responsible for the archival materials, commented:

“This house will depict the artist’s first 20 years. It captures many of her struggles and challenges, as well as her intense passion and zest for life.”

The Kahlo family, along with McFarlane’s associate Pedro Quinzaños Cancino, spoke to Cointelegraph about their initial hesitation in sharing personal details with the public.

“When I began discussions with Mara (Frida Kahlo’s great-niece), the family was initially opposed to the idea.”

However, the global pandemic and specific developments within the family led them to embrace new technologies to share stories that might have otherwise remained untold. Cancino recognized the potential of blockchain technology in this context.

“Blockchain is the ideal tool for immortalizing the family’s narrative and sharing it unaltered by the media or third parties.”

The founders of Ezel compiled nearly 800 different items, including Frida’s sketches, original artwork, and objects from her daily life. Each item was digitized using high-resolution image capture tools.

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