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Turkey’s Tourism Routes Embrace ‘Star Wars’ Themed NFT

Paving the way for a new era within the art community, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become a source of inspiration across various fields and sectors.

The holiday platform “Where Let’s Go Today” has innovatively transformed bungalow houses in key tourism destinations in Turkey and charterable ships for yacht tourism into NFTs with a Star Wars theme. These unique digital assets are now showcased on the world’s largest NFT market, OpenSea.

As part of this groundbreaking project, traditional bungalows situated in diverse holiday regions of Turkey and motor yachts available for rent, providing an alternative holiday experience, have been transported into the digital realm, drawing inspiration from the iconic science fiction series, Star Wars. İlker Kulaksız, the Founder of Where Let’s Go Today, shared insights about the project, stating, “We aimed to highlight the most popular holiday alternatives of the summer season that we miss through the concept NFTs we have meticulously crafted.” This initiative not only demonstrates the transformative power of NFTs in the realm of travel and leisure but also adds a creative and futuristic dimension to traditional vacation experiences.

Highlighting the continuous growth of the NFT market, Kulaksız provided the following insight: “The NFT concept, merging technology and art, presents every brand with a novel channel for engaging their target audience, irrespective of sector or scale.

We believe that, through the NFT series we have introduced, we have embarked on an impactful project for promoting our country’s tourism routes. We are committed to expanding our collection in the upcoming period.”

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