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Travis Scott song produced with artificial intelligence shook social media

The creator of the viral AI-generated Drake song, known as Ghostwriter (or ghostwriter977 on TikTok), has released a new track titled “Whiplash.” This time, the song features artificial intelligence-generated voices mimicking Travis Scott and 21 Savage. At the end of the TikTok post featuring the song, Ghostwriter leaves a note for the two artists.

Will Travis Scott and 21 Savage let it go?


Ghostwriter, the creator behind the AI-generated Drake hit, has unveiled another track named “Whiplash,” which uses AI to replicate the voices of Travis Scott and 21 Savage. In a message at the end of the TikTok release, Ghostwriter posits, “The future of music has arrived. Artists can now have their voices work for them effortlessly. Given the public demand for this song, feel free to DM me on Instagram to either give me permission to release it or to request its removal.”

Ghostwriter also notes that should Travis Scott and 21 Savage grant permission for the song’s release, the royalties would be directed to them. Earlier this year, Ghostwriter faced legal complications with the removal of the AI-generated Drake song “Heart on My Sleeve” from Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms, sparking a debate about copyright in the AI era.

While music industry giants seem skeptical about AI-generated music, the legal landscape remains ambiguous, leaving platforms like YouTube in a complicated situation regarding fair use.

Adding another layer to the discussion, The New York Times reported that Ghostwriter submitted “Heart on My Sleeve” for Grammy consideration in two categories: Best Rap Song and Song of the Year. Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. commented on the submission’s eligibility, stating, “From a creative standpoint, it is entirely appropriate since a human composed it.”

Nonetheless, “Heart on My Sleeve” still faces an obstacle in meeting the “general distribution” criteria for the Grammys, requiring the song to be widely available through physical stores, online retail, or nationwide streaming services—a challenging task given its copyright controversies.

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