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Top Platforms to Buy and Sell Virtual Land

While the metaverse craze was in full swing, the last focus of internet users was metaverse plots. We have brought together popular platforms where you can buy and sell metaverse plots for you.

The metaverse trend, which gained great momentum with the introduction of the metaverse future of Facebook with its old name and Meta with its new name, allows us to see new new projects every day. While some of these projects aim to reflect the metaverse to our world, many of them offer services that will enable people to invest in the future .

Although the Metaverse is still an abstract concept according to the targeted reality today, it has already turned into an industry with millions of dollars. While the NFT market accelerated at the same rate as the metaverse acceleration, on the other hand, projects called virtual plots, in which the digital land is defined to the user in the virtual world , began to dominate the market. Today, we have listed the most popular platforms for you to buy and sell virtual land on the metaverse.

Platforms where you can buy and sell land in Metaverse:

Decentraland, one of the most popular names in Metaverse:

  • Average price: $30,000 (last 7 days – all NFT types)

Decentraland, where even Samsung has thrown itself into the metaverse universe and opened its own store , is a platform that consists entirely of virtual plots. The value of the plots here generally increases as they get closer to Genesis Plaza, which is the central location. However, the value of the land also increases with the size of the land, the buildings on the plot and the objects it contains.

You can click here to reach Decentraland.

The Sandbox, one of the largest platforms with its investors

  • Average price: $14.8k (last 7 days – all NFT types)

The Sandbox, the biggest competitor of Decentraland, is a digital platform where players create and sell their own plots just like Decentraland. The lands on The Sandbox also have value according to the assets they contain. The Sandbox has been supported by Skybound Entertainment, Ubisoft and SoftBank to date.

You can click here to access The Sandbox.

Somnium Space where the real virtual reality experience is presented

  • Average price: $18.9k (last 7 days – all NFT types)

Unlike Decentraland and The Sandbox, Somnium, which offers virtual reality support, allows you to create and design a land and buy and sell land, as in both games. The prices of the plots in Somnium also vary according to their location on the map and the value of the asset on the land.

You can click here to reach Somnium Space.

For those who want to get a plot from a replica of the real world: OVR

  • Average price: $378 (last 7 days – all NFT types)

OVR Land aims to bring the metaverse to the real world by separating itself from platforms such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. Lands taken on the platform, where a copy of the real world is created, can be shaped on the real world. The prices of the lands usually change according to the location of the land in the real world. 

You can click here to access OVR

The Metaverse world is best known: Axie Infinity

  • Average price: – (NFTs sold to date have a total value of $34.66M)

Axie Infinity, one of the most popular metaverse platforms, hosts developable plots that you can rent or buy. After owning one of these lands, it is possible to develop the land and engage in land trade. The value of the plots also varies according to the assets in it, as usual.

You can click here to reach Axie Infinity.

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