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Top Paying Metaverse Games

Participation in the Metaverse and NFT sector is increasing day by day. Each giant participating in this sector is trying to create a new innovation. Do n’t forget to follow for all NFT and metaverse news . Blockchain-based games have grown tremendously in recent years, and the industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Like regular video games, metaverse games come in many varieties and sizes. There are sandbox games, card games, RPGs, MMORPGs and games for every niche. Crypto cultivation games are one of the niches

Which Is The Best Among The Metaverse Games?

Top Paying Metaverse Games
Top Paying Metaverse Games

In these games you raise or collect creatures or pets. Imagine blockchain -based Pokemon games and you’ll get a rough idea. As of 2022, he is working on some interesting games with new concepts. Considering the upcoming offers, here are some of the best crypto breeding games you should check out.

Monsta Infinite

It is a decentralized gaming universe where anyone can earn tokens by competing or playing for fun . Also, Monsta is an unusual and bizarre species from the pre-dinosaurs that lived on SHANI. But now they face a potentially disastrous threat, JILAKA. If the situation remains unchanged, it can be eliminated. As a result, they awaken their oldest ancestor, Inception Monsta, from their slumber. Monsta used blockchain technology to connect with people through its unique biological networks at its start. They look to us for leadership and guidance to bring victory to their homeland. Also, as a reward for your help in defeating JILAKA, they will give us the Stamen Tellus Token, their most valuable resource on the planet, and they will consider you their master.

My DeFi Pet

It is a creature breeding and breeding game available on the Binance and Kardia blockchains . In My Defi Pet, players raise pets, develop farms, and fight boss monsters in key battles for Elixir potions as rewards. You can exchange this reward for DPET, the main token of the game. You can also use it to improve pets.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is undoubtedly one of the best blockchain games where you breed, collect and train Axies (cute creatures in the game). Your Axes can then go into battle with other Axes and monsters. It can be downloaded on both smartphones and computers.

The crypto game is powered by AXS and SLP NFTs that can be purchased from Binance Axie Infinity set a new record with sales of over $42 million in July 2021. This is currently one of the most costly NFTs on the market.


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