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Top 8 NFT Sales Sites! (Create Paid And Free NFT!)

If you have been following the agenda lately, you must have encountered the concept of NFT. Millions of dollars and the words NFT have started to come together a lot lately. NFT, which means non-fungible token, is a digital asset. An artist’s picture, a Twitter influencer’s tweet, or a designer’s designs can be purchased with NFT. In this way, the original of this work belongs only to you. You can also sell your own works through the best NFT sales sites and earn a profit. In addition, the following sites are used to dig NFTs

Top 8 NFT Sales Sites
Top 8 NFT Sales Sites

Top 8 NFT Sales Sites

With the rapid introduction of NFT into our lives, I started to research NFT sales sites with great curiosity. To sell NFT, you can either manufacture an artifact yourself or sell the original asset in your collection. For example, even a clip from a phenomenal video can be popular on NFT sales sites. Here are the best NFT sales sites you can use:



Binance, which is at the top among the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, is also one of the best in NFT sales sites. Moreover, it can be used for both digging NFTs and selling NFTs. Binance, which is among the best NFT sales sites, also gives you the chance to win NFT with surprise boxes. Uploading NFT to Binance is like uploading an image to the internet. You can sell the NFTs you have uploaded at the price you want by determining a fixed price or enter the auction. Finally, when you dig NFTs, you have to pay a fee of 0.005 BNB for each NFT. Likewise, uploading NFT to the site is paid.

You can get detailed information about Binance NFT sale by clicking here.

You can become a member of Binance by clicking here.



The best NFT sales site is undoubtedly Opensea. Moreover, it is possible to say that it is the largest NFT market in terms of users and sales volume. Opensea is also the first NFT site. The site that allows NFT sales with hundreds of categories, domain name, image, sound file, etc. It can be used to sell many collections. Opensea provides up to 30 listings for sellers. Ethereum blocks and gas limits are one of the most important factors in listing. When you upload our design to the Opensea site for the first time, you have to pay a fee of 60 – 200 dollars. For subsequent uploads, you only pay the commission. When you make a sale, 3% of the relevant amount is received by Opensea. Opensea also provides free NFT creation. However, a fee is required for selling.

You can examine the Opensea site closely by clicking here .

Super Rare


Among the best selling sites built with the Ethereum blockchain is Super Rare. Super Rare is for art enthusiasts and artists in the truest sense of the word. Works created by artists are put up for sale at auction or at a fixed price. In addition, each purchased work can be resold, and in this case, the artist can earn a profit from each sale. To use the Super Rare site, you must connect with your Meta Mask wallet. Otherwise, it is not possible to use the site or to buy/sell. Finally, Super Rare invites artists by invitation only. This allows artifacts/digital assets to be sold with a higher Ethereum.

Click to take a closer look at the Super Rare website .



Rarible, which is on the list of the largest and best NFT sales sites in the world, has also managed to attract the attention of domestic users. Compared to other NFT sales sites, it is possible to see more Turkish buyers or sellers. The biggest factor in this case is that it is easy to use. To sell NFT on Rarible, you need to create an account and link your account with Metamask, Walletlink etc. You need to connect it to wallets. Then you can create your work as a collection or as a single. Then the GAS fee, the amount you want to sell, etc. You can continue with the sales process by entering the information. Rarible is also very popular with its reward system and auction/fixed price system. I should also say that a commission of approximately 2.5% is requested on sales.

Click here to visit the Rarible website closely .

Nift Gateway


Among the best NFT sales sites, Nift Gateway stands out for accepting credit cards. While it doesn’t quite fit the belief that digital assets should be decentralized, Nift Gateway has a large audience. You can easily apply to the Nift Gateway site to sell an artifact, digital asset or collection. It has an easier admission process than many NFT sales sites. At the same time, a commission of 5% is taken from each of the sales. By the way, you must connect your account to a wallet. Nift Gateway suffered a cyberattack in early 2021. However, it still continues to grow.

You can visit the Nift Gateway site by clicking here.

NBA Ball Shot


Established with the partnership of Dapper Labs and NBA, NBA Top Shot is the favorite of the new generation digital collectors. There are tens of thousands of users who want to have digital records of the most special and iconic moments of NBA players. ‘Playing cards’ called Top Shot are prepared with short videos. Buyers can sell their purchased game cards for a higher price or trade them to increase their profits. The price of playing cards, on the other hand, starts at an average of $15 and increases with an almost unlimited limit. Also legend, rarity, etc. can be purchased in packs. A piece of art was sold for 230 thousand dollars in the past days.

Click for detailed information about NBA Top Shot .



Let’s examine the Mintable NFT marketplace, which differs from its competitors in a few features. The most popular feature of the Mintable site is that it allows free NFT creation and NFT upload. In this way, you do not have to pay any fees or commissions until your work is sold. It should also be said that it has a classic membership system. In-game assets, themes, images, sounds, etc. After you upload your assets to the system, a commission is taken from the sale. It has a 5% commission rate after the sale. In addition to the traditional auction and fixed price, sales can also be made through an auction method, where you set and manage the opening amount.

Click here to take a closer look at the Mintable website .



One of the best NFT sales sites that managed to reach a large audience despite its opening in 2020 is Foundation. Moreover, it has a few features that set it apart from other top NFT sales sites and platforms. The Foundation provides two types of membership opportunities. Artists can sell their works with an invitation, while in the classic membership, only purchases are made or it is possible to view the contents. Invitations can only be sent by artists. Artists have the right to send an invitation for each sale. It is also possible to say that it provides higher prices than other NFT sales platforms. Finally, the Foundation takes a 10% commission from each sale.

You can access the Foundation website by clicking here .

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