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The World’s First Doctorless, AI-Powered Practice “CarePod” Announced 

A company based in the United States has innovated AI-powered kiosks, named CarePods, aiming to make the medical inspection process autonomous.

The primary goal is to enable individuals to undergo medical examinations and obtain prescriptions without the necessity of visiting a hospital.


Artificial intelligence, increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives, has now made significant inroads into the healthcare sector.

Previously, we have seen the application of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in disease diagnosis. In a similar vein, Forward, a digital health company established in 2016, has introduced kiosks designed to offer healthcare services.

These CarePods are intended to be located in shopping malls, accessible through a monthly subscription system. People can visit these kiosks to avail themselves of health services.

Forward envisions that AI-powered technologies like these will eventually supplant traditional doctors’ offices, signifying a transformative shift in the delivery of medical care.

So how exactly does CarePod work?


Forward, a company established in parts of the USA, offers both virtual and in-person health services through a monthly subscription model.

The introduction of their new innovation, the CarePod, aims to extend the company’s reach and services. For a $99 monthly fee, an individual can access a CarePod located in a shopping mall using their smartphone.

Once inside the CarePod, the user encounters a suite of AI-powered technologies. These systems facilitate various health checks, such as body scanning, blood pressure measurement, and finger-prick blood tests. A robotic voice guides the individual through this pre-examination process, which is fully autonomous.

The collected health data is then sent to Forward’s doctors, who review the findings and engage with the patient via a screen inside the capsule.

Although the doctor can remotely prescribe medication, it’s important to note that, currently, AI itself does not have the authority to prescribe drugs anywhere in the world. Consequently, the CarePod’s use is limited in this regard.

Adrian Aoun, the founder of Forward, envisions a future where the examination and prescription process is fully autonomous.

Aoun’s statement reflects this ambition: “We’re gradually transitioning everything from doctors and nurses to hardware and software. In fact, we believe that the traditional doctor’s office should no longer exist.” This vision represents a significant shift towards integrating technology into healthcare delivery.


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