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The Walt Disney Company’s Metaverse Movies Coming to Disney+

In an era where entry into the Metaverse is a growing trend, Bob Chapek, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, announced in an interview that venturing into the Metaverse is among the company’s future plans.

With serious groundwork being laid, there’s keen interest in how these new Metaverse ventures will unfold. This raises questions about the nature of upcoming Metaverse-based series and movies. Here are the details:

The Metaverse, a topic of significant interest among technology enthusiasts, was initially conceptualized in a science fiction novel and has been a topic of discussion since 1992.


The Walt Disney Company's Metaverse Movies Coming to Disney+

At its most basic, the metaverse is a digital universe that exists alongside the real world, with the potential to encompass everything.

Following Somnium Space, one of the pioneering metaverse platforms, numerous other platforms have emerged as competitors in this space.

Notably, Facebook rebranded itself as Meta. This was followed by significant investments in virtual reality by major companies like Microsoft, Alphabet, Roblox, and NVIDIA.


The Walt Disney Company's Metaverse Movies Coming to Disney+
The Walt Disney Company’s Metaverse Movies Coming to Disney+

At Disney+’s biennial fan meeting event, Walt Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke about the company’s future plans. This event, organized by Disney+, has garnered significant attention, especially with its launch in Turkey.

In his remarks, Bob Chapek underscored the significance of metaverse technology, a powerful tool for translating real-life experiences into the virtual world. He referred to the metaverse as “next generation storytelling.” Chapek emphasized, “Disney is definitely a lifestyle.”


Walt Disney, having dedicated considerable time to developing its infrastructure, has established a new department within the company.

This division, named “Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences,” is led by Mike White, a prominent figure in the industry.


Disney has released its first augmented reality-supported film, titled “Remembering.” This 8-minute movie vividly showcases the company’s vision regarding its Metaverse plans.

In the coming years, Disney is expected to introduce more productions supported by augmented reality, as well as movies and series set in the Metaverse universe.

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