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The Impact of Augmented Reality in the Near Future

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, views augmented reality (AR) as a profoundly influential technology, one that will significantly impact various aspects of our lives.

Cook believes that in the near future, AR will become deeply integrated into our daily experiences, playing a central role in how we interact with the world around us.

Virtual reality will be left behind

The Impact of Augmented Reality in the Near Future

Regarding virtual reality (VR), it is believed that while it offers immersive experiences that can be valuable, it is unlikely to replace real life entirely.

The perspective is that VR is suitable for specific periods of engagement, but it is not the most effective means for ongoing communication. There’s no opposition to VR as a technology; however, the view is that it should not be seen as a way to live our entire lives.

Tim Cook: The average person asks “what is the metaverse?” can’t tell

The Impact of Augmented Reality in the Near Future

Cook also confidently addressed the concept of the metaverse, particularly as it is associated with Facebook. He emphasized the importance of people understanding a product, expressing skepticism about the average person’s ability to explain the metaverse.

The term ‘metaverse’ originated in the science fiction novel “Snow Crash” and was later adopted by Facebook. Facebook’s embrace of this concept was so extensive that it led to the company rebranding itself as Meta. Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has declared the company’s dedication to developing this future digital reality, known as the metaverse.

When will Apple’s AR and VR products be released?

The Impact of Augmented Reality in the Near Future

Apple is reportedly continuing its development of augmented reality glasses, which are anticipated to be released in 2024. This effort is alongside the expected introduction of a virtual and augmented reality headset in 2023.

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