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The environmental impact of the metaverse is discussed

Experts draw attention to different points about how metaverse will affect nature. While it is stated that there will be a 20 percent decrease in transportation-related pollutants, attention is drawn to the damage to the environment caused by chip production-based activities.

With the curfews worldwide during the pandemic period, greenhouse gas emissions into the air and pollutants originating from fossil fuel consumption have decreased. This time, the metaverse universe, which has entered our lives recently, arbitrarily changes the preferences towards staying home.


Metaverse, the 3D virtual universe, is an environment where virtual reality devices, especially virtual reality glasses, can be accessed. While exhibition areas, museums and restaurants took their place in this world, the interest of the users started to increase day by day.

While navigating the world of the Metaverse, the need to leave the house disappears. It is sufficient to use virtual reality devices indoors at home. It is possible to make tours, meetings and interviews in the virtual world.

The metaverse universe, which is almost the incarnation of the internet, leads people to prefer closed environments on the one hand, and creates their own needs on the other.



Evaluating the possible effects of the new virtual world on the environment and nature, Environmental Engineer Prof. Dr. Mustafa Öztürk reminded that apart from the transportation source, pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and particulate matter occur as a result of energy consumption originating from heating, cooling and lighting. He stated that these pollutants should be controlled both in the outdoor and indoor environment. Ozturk said:

“Especially as a result of closure to the indoor environment, indoor air quality, especially in humidity and carbon dioxide concentrations, must meet the standards of human health comfort structure. Otherwise, there will be a serious risk for people. If environmental measures, solutions for polluting sources are taken and improvements are provided, very positive developments for the environment, except for mobility. Greenhouse gas emissions will decrease, sulfur dioxide emissions will decrease, particulate matter emissions will decrease. Besides SO2 (sulfur dioxide), nitrogen oxide pollutants are very, very important for health. We can see that these pollutants have decreased significantly. To reduce the release of these pollutants, we can visit such sites Serious environmental investments need to be made.As global pollutants are 30-35 percent from transportation, these pollutants will decrease significantly.This rate of 30-35 percent will decrease to 20 percent because transportation and transportation will not stop because of people’s food and drink needs.”

Reminding that in 2020, the concentration of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide decreased at a similar rate with the pandemic, Öztürk said, “Because people are closed to the indoor environment, they have decreased. Carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere constantly, but the concentration of carbon dioxide decreased by 10 percent in 2020. This is an event that has happened for the first time in history. The digitalization of the world is hopeful. It is an event that is inspiring, but its effect on people needs to be examined separately.” used the phrases.

Stating that people will be closed to more indoor spaces, Öztürk said, “Indoor living standards and air quality need to be improved. For this, serious technological investments are made in countries such as Europe, America and South Korea. With these investments, you live comfortably at home but consume minimum energy.” he said.


Emphasizing that the energy needs will increase, Cyber ​​Security Specialist Osman Demircan said, “We will work on a structure we call Metaverse internet 3.0, and different and faster servers will be needed than the servers known today. These servers need to be produced for this to become widespread, the increase in chip production for these productions. Mining is required for chip production, and this will have negative effects on the environment. Considering that the servers are starting to work, these are devices that consume a lot of electricity, they will draw a lot of energy, and then they will give off heat. It’s like we’re making a little more effort for the end of the world. will be.” said.


Demircan stated that the said effects will be seen in at least 10 years and concluded his words as follows:

“The universes that are introduced to us as metaverse today are actually beginning levels, very amateurishly prepared and not professional fictions. Big players have not entered the game yet and their engineers are working hard to create those universes. We are talking about a period of at least 10 years here. At the end of 10 years, with its infrastructure and usability. After it settles down, prevalence will begin. In other words, there may be a serious process of 10-15 years ahead. It may be that we are completely depleting the mines during this time, and if we do not produce an alternative for chip production, chips may not be produced anymore. Even today, cars cannot be produced, because chips cannot be produced at that time, a bigger disaster will befall us at that time. It may be waiting.”

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