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The Challenges Faced by Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

The Metaverse, a concept hailed by Mark Zuckerberg as “a world where you can experience everything you dream of,” has faced challenges.

Despite millions engaging as “land investors,” interest waned due to graphic issues and lackluster responses to virtual glasses. Zuckerberg’s Reality Labs unit, responsible for VR, experienced a $40 billion loss. BBC questioned, “What happened to the Metaverse?”

In 1999, a “THING” storm stirred anticipation for something revolutionary. Fast forward to today’s Metaverse hype, and some are wondering if it’s another case of unmet expectations, reminiscent of the Segway Ginger scooter in 2000.

Zuckerberg, with Meta, envisioned a world-changing Metaverse, but after two years, Reality Labs suffered a $40 billion loss in one year.

Horizon Worlds, Meta’s game, fell short of expectations, with 300 thousand monthly users, mainly children. Graphics remained primitive, and only 20 million Meta glasses were sold.

Zuckerberg acknowledged the challenges but expressed persistence, stating, “I can’t guarantee that I’ll be right about that. I think that’s the way the world is going.”

Despite skepticism, Zuckerberg appears determined. BBC expects announcements about Meta’s new headset, Quest 3, and adaptations of Horizon Worlds for mobile and desktop.

They anticipate new AI announcements, emphasizing that the Metaverse is a long-term project. Reports predict a $2 trillion Metaverse economy by 2030, with 1.4 billion users spending significant time in the Metaverse by 2037.

Virtual reality glasses in 2050 are anticipated to offer 16 times more realism than current technology. The fate of the Metaverse remains uncertain, requiring time for potential transformation, similar to the evolution of the Segway Ginger.

“Thanks to the metaverse, we can communicate with our deceased loved ones in the future”

Mark Zuckerberg, expressing optimism about the Metaverse, mentioned the possibility of communicating with deceased loved ones in the future.

However, he acknowledged the complexity of such a scenario, cautioning that it could potentially become “unhealthy.” Zuckerberg emphasized the need for in-depth study and understanding of this aspect, noting that he is not an expert on the matter.

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