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Support for file upload and analysis has arrived in ChatGPT

OpenAI’s renowned AI chatbot, ChatGPT, is continually expanding its repertoire of features. Recent updates suggest that ChatGPT Plus subscribers can now upload and process files directly.

Currently, OpenAI is introducing new beta functionalities exclusively for ChatGPT Plus members. According to user feedback, this update brings in multimodal support, coupled with the ability to upload and handle files.

What’s more, users no longer need to manually choose options like “Browse with Bing” from the GPT-4 drop-down menu; the system can now intuitively predict user intent based on the context provided.

New feature for ChatGPT Plus subscribers


The latest enhancements to ChatGPT Plus, accessible to all users, integrate some functionalities previously exclusive to the ChatGPT Enterprise package.

Now, individual subscribers of ChatGPT Plus equipped with the Advanced Data Analysis feature can directly upload files for the chatbot’s assessment.

While file uploads and subsequent analyses may take a few moments, once done, the chatbot is adept at tasks such as summarizing data, answering queries, or crafting data visualizations based on user instructions.

Interestingly, the bot’s capabilities are not confined to just textual files. This file upload feature marks the beginning of new possibilities.

Highlighting this, a user on Threads shared screenshots illustrating an instance where they uploaded a capybara image to ChatGPT, then requested the bot to reimagine it in a Pixar-style through DALL-E 3.

Given that ChatGPT integrated DALL-E 3 in recent updates, such interactions showcase a myriad of potential applications. Creating art tailored to specific preferences, like the capybara example, has now become more streamlined and accessible.


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