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Star Atlas Announces DAO Launch and Revamped Marketplace

Popular Metaverse game Star Atlas announced the launch of the DAO at the 426LIVE community event that took place yesterday. Star Atlas, built on Solana Blockchain, has growing support.

Also, the game is not yet fully playable. However, it is believed that the game is the future of Blockchain games. With the recently announced launch, Star Atlas‘ large community will be involved in decision-making processes.

DAO and Galactic

Star Atlas Announces DAO Launch and Revamped Marketplace
Star Atlas Announces DAO Launch and Revamped Marketplace

The Star Atlas community plays a huge role in the game’s success. That’s why the Atlas team wants to reward players with DAO rights. The DAO will use the Atlas token (POLIS) to enable participants to participate in decision-making processes.

The DAO is designed to support community members who have long supported the Star Atlas vision. For this reason, the company has also announced a POLIS staking program where token holders can lock their tokens for up to five years.

Along with Atlas DAO news, the team is on the Galactic market .He also stated that the place has a new look. They also announced the completion of the marketplace defined by higher-end features.

With the marketplace update, players will now be able to buy and sell assets directly with other players. According to the statements made, in the future they will have their own DAO, exclusive to the three chapters in the Star Atlas game.

DAOs of divisions will add new dimensions to the game. In addition, the game will be made more strategic with these features. Finally, Star Atlas announced that it has redesigned the Galactic marketplace where players can trade NFTs and more.

The revamped marketplace will provide investors with a better, faster and easier experience for the Metaverse game. The highlight of this update is that players will now be able to trade directly with each other.

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