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Sony Unveils Mocopi, Where You Can Transfer Your Whole Body to the Metaverse

Sony has recently unveiled ‘Mocopi’, a set of motion tracking sensors that hold potential for widespread application in the Metaverse and various other technological domains. These sensors, comparable in size to Apple’s AirTags, represent a potential technological revolution.

The Metaverse, a virtual universe often touted as the ‘future world’, was introduced to the public in recent years, primarily by Meta (formerly known as Facebook). In response to this emerging virtual realm, many companies, including Meta and Sony, have been focusing on integrating VR glasses into the Metaverse.

With the introduction of Mocopi, Sony takes a significant step forward. These compact sensors are not only highly beneficial for applications within the Metaverse but could also pave the way for groundbreaking developments in numerous other technological fields.

The next step in the metaverse: Mocopi


Today, Sony introduced Mocopi, a set of small sensor devices that are worn on the wrists, head, waist, and feet. These sensors, bearing a resemblance in design to Apple’s AirTags, enable a significant advancement in virtual reality (VR) experiences. With Mocopi, users can transport their entire bodies into the virtual world without the need for traditional VR controllers.

For those who have experienced the Metaverse using VR, a common limitation is the representation of only the head and hands in the virtual environment, with the absence of arms, torso, and legs. Mocopi has been developed specifically to address this issue, offering a more immersive and complete body representation in the VR world. This innovation is a substantial step towards enhancing the realism and interactivity of virtual experiences.

Sony Unveils Mocopi, Where You Can Transfer Your Whole Body to the Metaverse

Diverging from traditional motion trackers that often require numerous cables and custom settings, Sony’s Mocopi sensors present a more streamlined alternative. These sensors are remarkably compact, nearly the size of Apple’s AirTag, and weigh only 8 grams, eliminating the need for any cables.

Mocopi devices can be fully charged in about 90 minutes using a USB Type-C connection and offer an impressive active usage time of 10 hours. What makes Mocopi even more convenient is that they don’t require a computer for operation. Users can simply pair these sensors with Sony’s dedicated mobile app for Mocopi via Bluetooth, using either the pre-made models in the app or a model they design themselves.

To conduct a complete “body scan,” a total of 6 sensors are required. Each sensor is priced at $358 , which means acquiring a full Mocopi set would cost around $2,148 The Mocopi sensors are slated to be available in January 2023.

Editor’s note: Mocopi could be a revolution for the tech world


The Mocopi sensors, while significant for the VR world, represent a revolutionary advancement for the broader technology industry. As stated by Sony, these sensors are compatible with software platforms such as Unity, Unreal Engine, and AutoDesk. This compatibility enables low-budget developers and game creators to establish their own “Motion Capture” systems at home.

In the film industry, low-budget productions often resort to CGI characters with subpar visual effects. However, with Mocopi, even amateur short films may feature professional-level realistic CGI characters, a considerable leap from the current standards in low-budget films.

Furthermore, this system allows for the precise control of all character limbs in a digital environment. Looking ahead, there are possibilities for playing games like “God of War: Ragnarök” or “Skyrim” using Mocopi, with future optimizations from Sony and other studios. This innovation has the potential to deliver a gaming experience more realistic than ever before.

Mocopi usage video

The introduction of Mocopi marks just the beginning of its vast potential in the tech world. Although the initial projects developed for Mocopi may not have fully met expectations, there is anticipation for more satisfying user experiences to emerge in 2023.

Moreover, the success of Mocopi could very well inspire other tech giants like Meta and Samsung to develop their own versions of similar sensors. This would not only validate the importance of Mocopi’s technology but also spur innovation and competition in this space, leading to further advancements and diverse applications in the field of motion tracking and beyond.

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