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Understanding Metaverse: Snapchat’s Take on the Virtual World

When Snap CEO Evan Spiegel introduced the Pixy, a $229 drone designed for taking selfies, the focus was on experiences rooted in the real world rather than the speculative virtual metaverse.

“The reason we don’t use the word metaverse is because it’s unclear and speculative,” the CEO explained to The Guardian. He emphasized the varied interpretations of the term, stating, “Ask a group of people how to define it, everyone’s definition is completely different.”

Understanding Metaverse Snapchat's Take on the Virtual World

Spiegel further noted in a conversation with The Verge’s Alex Heath that, unlike augmented reality with 250 million users engaging on the Snapchat app daily, companies presenting metaverse concepts are “talking about something that doesn’t yet exist.” Snapchat’s AR interactions range from the familiar selfie effects to more advanced shopping experiences.

While the concept of the metaverse is gradually becoming part of our lives, there is a degree of truth in the CEO’s statement.

Understanding Metaverse Snapchat's Take on the Virtual World

Despite its increasing integration, the concept remains somewhat unclear and hasn’t fully permeated our daily existence.

Many people are unfamiliar with the term “metaverse.” Consequently, the CEO, who asserts that Snap avoids using this concept, suggests that real-world experiences often hold more allure than the abstract idea of the metaverse. It remains to be seen how this evolving concept will shape our future experiences.

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