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Sky Mavis and CyberKongz Unite for Anime-Inspired NFTs

The creators of Axie Infinity, a renowned play-to-earn blockchain game with a global following, have announced a partnership that will captivate anime enthusiasts and underscore its advancements in the metaverse coin sector. Sky Mavis, the innovative force behind Axie Infinity, is making waves with a pioneering venture in the Web3 domain.

The company has joined forces with CyberKongz, a prominent NFT project, to enhance the Genkai NFT initiative. This collaboration reflects the shared vision of both entities to revolutionize the gaming industry. Furthermore, it represents a significant leap towards creating a gaming ecosystem that fosters widespread asset liquidity and protocols owned by the community.

The collaboration between Sky Mavis and CyberKongz is set to introduce Genkai NFT on the Mavis platform, marking a new chapter in the CyberKongz NFT series. This anime-inspired art collection is poised to captivate both enthusiasts and collectors. The minting of Genkai is planned for July 27, 2023, with an initial release of 4,000 Genkais, followed by an additional 16,000 NFTs on Ethereum through Mavis Market. In a gesture of appreciation, Sky Mavis will gift each Mystic Axie owner with a Genkai NFT for every Mystic Axie they possess, rewarding its loyal community. Furthermore, purchasers of Genkai on Ethereum will be provided the option to transition to Ronin in the future.

CyberKongz’s founder and artist, Myoo, views this partnership as a means to bolster gaming ecosystems and broaden their audience. The launch of Genkai is a significant milestone for CyberKongz, targeting expansion into Southeast Asia and Japan.

Additionally, CyberKongz is collaborating with Ronin to create a new game featuring Genkai, aiming to redefine Web3 IP through gaming. The success of Genkai’s minting process benefits from CyberKongz’s adoption of ERC-721x smart contracts, which streamline blockchain gaming transactions and enhance security for users. The ERC-721x smart contract uniquely allows NFTs to accrue rewards while being locked, offering a form of “non-staking staking” that protects assets from unauthorized transfers.

This joint venture supports Sky Mavis’ ambition to establish Ronin as a benchmark in blockchain gaming. By partnering with a leading NFT project like CyberKongz, Sky Mavis fosters a communal ecosystem and promotes community-owned protocols.

Sky Mavis and CyberKongz Unite for Anime-Inspired NFTs

The goal of this collaboration is to create a vibrant gaming ecosystem that offers unmatched asset liquidity.

The phenomenal success of Axie Infinity, along with CyberKongz’s record of burning $4 million worth of ETH within merely five hours during a minting event in 2021, underscores the vast potential within blockchain gaming and the NFT market.

Since 2021, this emerging industry has experienced fluctuating growth. Partnerships such as the one between Sky Mavis and CyberKongz are undeniably shaping the future landscape of gaming and cryptocurrency ownership.

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