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Seoul to Pioneer Metaverse Transition by 2022

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is making history as the first city to publicly enter the world of the ‘Metaverse’, widely regarded as the future of social media.

The platform, which will be used for city services, is slated to be up and running by the end of 2022.


The first nation to plunge into the realm of the Metaverse, commonly referred to as the future of social media and rooted in virtual reality, has been identified.

South Korea’s capital, Seoul, is poised to become the pioneer city stepping into the ‘Metaverse’ universe.

As per the scheme unveiled by the Seoul city government, citizens will be able to don virtual reality goggles and engage in a range of activities, from museum tours to interfacing with municipal authorities.

Seoul’s government reportedly plans to invest around $3.3 million to bolster communication between the city’s residents and Mayor Oh Se-hoon.

The project, an integral part of the municipality’s 10-year strategic plans, emphasizes its aim to enhance Seoul’s global competitiveness.

Seoul Municipality has expressed its ambition to have the Metaverse platform operational by the end of 2022, emphasizing full functionality by 2026.

The Metaverse project, which will house the Mayor’s virtual office and public services spanning various sectors, is set to commence in December. Furthermore, the ‘Metaverse 120 Center’ for virtual public services is scheduled to open in the city in 2023.

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