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Schneider Electric opens Innovation Center in metaverse

Schneider Electric has started to implement the Innovation Center project, which covers two large metaverses.

Schneider Electric, one of the leading companies in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has implemented its metaverse special project. Schneider Electric began taking part in Decentraland with the Innovation Center in Spatial.

At the special event held by Schneider Electric last week, the project was successfully implemented by providing the metaverse experience to more than 100 employees from internal and external stakeholders.

Highlighting demo desks and electric charging stations in the design of the Metaverse Innovation Center, Schneider Electric presents a different aspect of the energy world to its virtual visitors in its control center section.


It is possible to examine Schneider products in 3D

Travelers visiting the Innovation Center on Metaverse platforms will be able to get to know many Schneider Electric products in detail by closely examining them in three dimensions. At the Schneider Electric Innovation Center in Decentraland and Spatial, visitors can get a high-level experience with VR glasses.

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