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Samsung, House of Sam Metaverse Experience Launched

Known as the regional division of the electronics giant, Samsung Latam has built its own space on Decentraland, an Ethereum-based Metaverse platform. The area called House of Sam will allow users to communicate virtually with different products of the brand. In addition, players will be able to earn Samsung-branded rewards for their avatars by playing mini-games

House of Sam, Decentraland Metaverse’te!

Samsung, House of Sam Metaverse Experience Launched
Samsung, House of Sam Metaverse Experience Launched

Samsung Latam, the Latin America regional division of the electronics company, is looking for ways to increase its brand’s visibility in the digital world. For this, he decided to create an online space as a result of research. In addition, the company has built a space called House of Sam in Decentraland , one of the largest Ethereum-based Metaverse platforms.

According to reports, the purpose of this move is to bring the brand closer to the next generation of consumers who use the Metaverse as a tool. The area is now open to users. It has also recently been launched with a Brazilian virtual show. Arthur Wong, marketing director of Samsung Latam, made a statement on the subject. In its statement, ‘our customers will be able to attend exclusive shows that we will present for free on Decentraland, one of the most democratic and open spaces in the Metaverse. Apart from that, they will be able to interact with each other through courses and events. Our aim is to be closer than ever to the Z generation, our young consumers who no longer draw the border between physical and virtual.”

Prizes will be distributed in the competitions!

House of Sam has been released with a series of mini-games related to the brand. It will also offer users rewards in the form of exclusive wearables for their avatars in Decentraland . Some of the most iconic products of the Samsung brand are also available in the virtual space.

This is one of many moves Samsung has made directly into the Metaverse. In addition, the company is also actively involved in the NFT market and Bitcoin mining business. In July, the company launched another Metaverse experience called Space Tycoon as part of Roblox . Additionally, in January, the company opened its own store in Decentraland.

Samsung Space Tycoon

Large companies have been devoting some of their work lately to creating Metaverse-based worlds as part of their strategy. In this context , Samsung announced its new works by working with Rablox. The experience, called Space Tycoon, will allow users to participate as part of a space station that provides funds to design and manufacture Samsung products.

The virtual world will also offer the opportunity to purchase items for players’ avatars from a store. This experience is designed for a younger audience who will have the opportunity to learn about the brand. Samsung accelerates its Web3 studies and carries out Web3 research with each unit.

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